The View Track Screen

plot.gif (6798 bytes)

Above is the internal track plotting screen. This screen is now stretchable. You can make it full screen if you wish. This helps in seeing some detail that might not show up in the default display size.

Below, the exported data plotted on Street Atlas.

Street Atlas Imported Lat/Long File

sa5.gif (48859 bytes)

Street Atlas V6 with Labels

sa6labels.gif (20123 bytes)

Zoom in on the hypothetical launch site (same wind file as above) with ALL labels turned on. You can select any combination of these labels for your plot. Alt=Altitude, Time=Elapsed time from launch, BRE= Bearing, Range and Elevation from launch site, and FP is the radius of the footprint centered on a point directly below the balloon. The footprint is calculated for the height of the balloon above the altitude of the launch point for the ascent phase of the flight. In this example, the launch point is at an altitude of 6300 feet above sea level. So the radius of the footprint at the first plot is 10 miles at an altitude of 50 feet above ground level. During the descent phase of the flight, the footprint radius is calculated for height above the altitude of the landing point. These altitudes are entered on the Setup Screen.