Command Line Capabilities

Command Line Capabilities

A very rudimentary command line driven capability has been added. Like most command line driven programs, you can enter a /? or /H to get this help reminder.

Using this capability you can automate some of Balloon Track's functions. enter this command line:

wbaltrak /d /c /p importfile.txt

And Balloon track will do the following:

The "/c" switch forces Balloon Track to use the "importfile.txt" file as a naming template for any exported data.

Use the "importfile.txt" file as a source file for the upper level winds as obtained from any of the various services Balloon Track can import.

Read the file into the program and create the "DAT" file that is used by Balloon Track to make predictions.  Because the "/c" switch was present the DAT file will be named "importfile.dat". The file will be placed in the same folder as the source winds aloft file.

Run a prediction using the parameters the program finds in the initialization file (wbaltrak.ini). The resulting prediction will automatically be exported to the Log Files Folder as set in the initialization file. The name of the exported file will be "Flightpath_importfile.txt"

The program will automatically append numerical additions to the filenames in order to avoid overwriting previously generated files of the same name. For instance, if you immediately reran the above command line then the program would generate importfile_1.dat and Flightpath_importfile_1.txt.