Wind Blender

Suppose you can't get your regular RAOB file but you can find data, say from the FAA, that gives info up to 39,000 feet. Further suppose that yesterday you got a complete wind file (or you went to a service and got the historical winds aloft for yesterday).

Using this gizmo, you can enter in the filename for today's winds (from any recognized import format) for the lower level winds, and data from the previous day for the upper level winds. The program will build a new wind data file using all available lower level wind data. Then the program will examine yesterday's data. It will compare the altitude for each record in yesterday's winds. When it finds one that is higher than available in today's winds, that wind level is added to the wind data file.

So, if today's winds go to 39,000 feet and yesterday's winds went to 100,000 feet you'd get a combined file with the current winds to 39K and all the data from yesterday would be appended to 100K feet.

This method of combining winds should result in a fairly accurate wind file as the winds above the tropopause are somewhat consistent on a day to day basis.

When you hit the "Compile and Run Winds" button you'll be prompted for a filename. One is suggested with the name "Blend_yy_mm_dd_hhhhZ.dat". The date comes from the Lower Level Winds source file. But, you can rename it anything you like, naturally.