Alternate Tracking Screen

You can display the Range, Bearing and Elevation values for up to 4 different locations by selecting a site from the dropdown combo boxes for each tracking box.

The sites available in the combo boxes are those you entered on the setup screen for either the Launch, Landing, Alternate sites or the current VOR. When this form opens it loads ALL of those locations into the combo boxes. If you are using a VOR you should place a checkmark in the box indicated. Why? Well, you might have a Site called Byers and a VOR called Byers. In order to minimize confusion, the program needs to know if you are looking for a VOR. Otherwise, it loads the first instance of the name Byers. This is important too... each site or each VOR must have a unique name. It is the field this program uses to load the coordinate information. If you have two Byers entries, the first one will always be used for the lat/long info. So name them Byers1 and Byers2, or something equally unique.

If you select a normal place, the magnetic offset is lifted from the GPS strings that arrive from your payload. If you select a VOR then the magnetic offset you associated with that VOR is used to compute the magnetic bearing. So, FAA reports should be accurate with regards to magnetic bearings. Note also that the distance from VORs is in Nautical Miles.

When you exit from this screen, the sites selected are saved and will be used next time you re-open this screen.