Shuttle II

Edge of Space Sciences has created two "Shuttles". Each was the cooperative effort of many individuals. These payloads incorporated several capabilities into one package. Shuttle I was retired several years ago. Shuttle II is in semi-retirement now, but may be reactivated should the need arise. Interior pictures are available here.

Shuttle II was first flown aboard EOSS-20 on 3/Dec/1994. It's last flight was aboard EOSS-44 on 1/Oct/2000. She served us well, and who knows, she may again.

Shuttle II contains:

  • A controller created by N�TI

  • A GPS receiver

  • A telemetry and command transceiver (set to 144.340 MHz)

  • An ATV transmitter (set to 426.250 MHz)

  • Internal and external thermal sensors

  • A barometric pressure gauge

  • Interfaces to various external components including student experiments and a cut down device

Various commands can be sent to control different parts of the payload.

It is possible to re-initialize the GPS, turn on and off the ATV transmitter as well as control the angle of the mirror used to direct the view of the camera to any angle between straight up and straight down.