SamCam 2

by Mike Manes, W5VSI

this synopsis by the webmaster

Mike Manes has built a new enclosure for the script driven Canon A570-IS camera. This thing is very cool. Sensors watch the LED indicators on the camera. They flash each time a photo is taken. After a 1 second delay upon detection, the system begins rotating the canister. Magnets and sensors are positioned within the container to allow a PICAXE computer to monitor orientation of the container with respect to the vertical axis of the payload train (I think??, maybe there is an accelerometer in there). The PICAXE stops rotation when the container has positioned the camera to point straight down, towards the horizon and straight up. And so, as you can see from the first flight of the system aboard EOSS-135, you get a wider range of photos than if you simply attach a camera in a fixed position to the payload train.

The Housing

Looking down into the payload with the empty compartment waiting for camera insertion.


Canon A570 inserted


Insulation and padding added


Top added


External mounting added


Mike demonstrates the flight configuration.


Time Lapse of the housing rotating.