Telemetry Files

The Telemetry for flights 63 and above are ONLY attached directly to their recap pages.

These files are  ZIPPED with PkZip2.04g or WinZip. Most zip files contain a plain text file of the TNC log. More recent flights may also have a comma delimited file suitable for import into spread sheet programs.

Needless to say, the data for some flights is missing. If you have any dusty old log files that can fill in the holes, send them along to the webmaster.

Flights 61 - 62

Flights 51 - 60

  • EOSS-60 Scouts Jamboree on the Air
  • EOSS-59 Gains Pump Flight Test (NOAA)
  • EOSS-58 Great Plains Super Launch (Manhattan, KS - July, 2002)
  • EOSS-57 Space Grant consortium (3 balloons, lots of telem)
  • EOSS-56 CU and U of Wyo balloon sat flight
  • EOSS-55 Fox Hunt contest with zero pressure KC0JHQ balloon
  • EOSS-54 EOSS - ANSR EBBE digi attempt
  • EOSS-53 University of Colorado Balloon Sats
  • EOSS-52 Civilian Space Exploration Team
  • EOSS-51 University of Colorado and Civilian Space Exploration Team

Flights 41 - 50

  • EOSS-50 No Telemetry Pioneer Astro
  • EOSS-49 University of Colorado Balloon Sats
  • EOSS-48 Pioneer Astronautics
  • EOSS-47 Pioneer Astronautics
  • EOSS-46 Pioneer Astronautics
  • EOSS-45 Pioneer Astronautics
  • EOSS-44 Pioneer Astronautics
  • EOSS-43 Pioneer Astronautics
  • EOSS-42 Pioneer Astronautics
  • EOSS-41 UCCS, Pioneer Astronautics

Flights 31 - 40

  • EOSS-40 University of Colorado training flight
  • EOSS-39 Fox Hunt Day
  • EOSS-38 No Data
  • EOSS-37 Demo Flight for STARS (student group)
  • EOSS-36 No Data
  • EOSS-35 No Data
  • EOSS-34 No Data
  • EOSS-33
  • EOSS-32 No Data
  • EOSS-31 No Data

Flights 21 - 30

Flights 11 - 20

  • EOSS-20 Air Force Academy and "Shuttle 2" maiden flight
  • EOSS-19 Pitts Middle School, Pueblo solar rad and ozone
  • EOSS-18 Spin Stabilization test (K0ANI) and NavSys Tigit
  • EOSS-17 First NavSys flight (baro switch test)
  • EOSS-16 Ranum High Ozone Experiment
  • EOSS-15 Cherry Creek High Radiation Experiment
  • EOSS-14 Demo Flight out of Colorado Springs Public Library
  • EOSS-13 National Balloon Symposium (August, 1993)
  • EOSS-12 CU differential GPS (landed on DIA - before it opened)
  • EOSS-11 A bounce across Bowles (see recap)

Flights 1 - 10

  • EOSS-10 University of Southern Colorado Pueblo
  • EOSS-09 First flight of "Shuttle 1"
  • EOSS-08 No Data
  • EOSS-07 No Data
  • EOSS-06 No Data
  • EOSS-05 No Data
  • EOSS-04 Humble Telescope
  • EOSS-03 Experimental cut down device
  • EOSS-02 No Data
  • EOSS-01 No Data