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New Inks Improve Ceramic Products

No, Edge of Space Sciences doesn't really have a store. However, there is a web service out there that will take logos and place them on merchandise. That store is Cafe Press.

At this time, all we have done is place our logo on a few objects and offer them for sale. However, we are not making a profit on these items. They are being sold at the base prices Cafe Express offers.

Caps, Mugs other items available

All financial transactional functions are handled by Cafe Express. We are involved only in so far as we have provided our logo for placement on a few different objects. If you have a problem of any kind, you will have to resolve it with Cafe Express. However, we would like to be kept appraised of any problems as the "EOSS Store" was created by us and we can close it down if any problems result.

So, having disclaimed responsibility for just about everything under the sun, here is the link:

Cafe Press EOSS Store

I recently purchased a few items from the store.

I'm delighted. The logos on the coffee mug, and hat are great. The golf shirt is fine too, however it leaves me with the impression that the logo won't stand up to too much machine washing. The quality of the stuff is above average too. Not excellent but definitely not bargain basement stuff.