Edge of Space Sciences relies heavily on APRS (Automatic Position Reporting System) to monitor the track of our balloon systems.

We use several different formats for our data transmissions.

You can track balloon flights in progress.

  • Programs that can receive and decode APRS. If you have the toys (radio, TNC) and live in the "local area" this can be fun. Local area is in quotes because our flight can be heard from as far away as 400 miles.
  • Tracking EOSS Payloads via the internet.
  • FAA VOR Page- This page makes APRS balloon position data available to the FAA in near real-time.
    • This report page is also available from the www.wxqa.com web page. Separate server for backup. Actually, this server is the backup.

You can locate any station via findu.com using a simple interface right here on the EOSS web site.

For speakers introducing this concept, I have prepared a Power Point presentation that gives a general overview of APRS and its specific application in tracking balloons.