EOSS Flight History

Flights 1 through 150 (through April, 2010)

Here is the recap of EOSS flights from EOSS-1 in November of 1990 through EOSS-150 in April of 2010.

If you can fill in some of the holes in this data with information stored in your records, please send it along. I'd love to get some hard data, most notably:

  1. EOSS-028, practically no info available. Only the launch site and a fairly confident date is known.
  2. EOSS-031, no landing info

Map of Touchdowns


EOSS-001 through EOSS-150
Circles are Touchdowns

The most eastern landings (Kansas, some Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri) are flights from various Great Plains Super Launches and do not originate in Colorado.

Here is the MapPoint map file for those of you who can use it and are interested. All data as shown for the landing of EOSS-006 is associated with each symbol.

Map of Launch Sites

These flights were launched from a variety of locations. In recent years we have adhered to  just two or three sites for all our launches. But in the early years, we would launch from just about anywhere. Here is a map of our launch sites:

EOSS-001 through EOSS-150
Red Triangles are Launch Points

Below is the MapPoint file for those of you who can use it and are interested. All data for each flight as shown for the launch site of EOSS-092 is associated with each symbol. When you first click on the symbol over Deer Trail, MapPoint will give you a choice of many flights launched from that location. There are actually multiple symbols on the map for many launch sites. However, unlike the landing location symbols, the only unique data for each of the launch site pushpins is the flight number. Click on any one of them and you get the same data with the exception of the flight name.

Summary Data for Flights 1 through 150

I've posted a subset of the data available in the spread sheet linked below.

Table of EOSS Flights

The table doesn't cover all of the information available in the spread sheet but may satisfy some of your curiosities.

Here is the Excel spread sheet which contains summary information about each flight and was used to generate all the graphs on this page.

note: The Excel spread sheet above uses VBA macros to calculate the range and bearing values. This greatly reduces the size of the file but it will mean that you will have to enable macros if you wish to see these calculated values. The straight ASCII file below has no macros. So, if you are adverse, there below is your answer.

Check the notes field within the spread sheet for notices of possible estimated data for any particular record.

And take note that for the first 20 flights maximum altitude was determined barometrically and is thus suspect as our sensor wasn't all that accurate over 75K feet.


Minimum of 2 launches required to get graphed, single launches not inlcuded








Two flights have been omitted from the above graph. EOSS-006 was in the air for 18 hours (1080 minutes). That was an accident. EOSS-023 was for the Air Force Academy and was an intentional floater which remained aloft for a total of almost 8 hours. I omitted them to increase readability of the remaining flights which all operated in under 250 minutes.









note: I'd like to thank Mike Manes, W5VSI, Merle McCaslin K0YUK and Marty Griffin WA0GEH for their submission of LOTS of information on early flights I seemed to have lost. And I'd also like to thank Nick Hanks N0LP for his help and great ideas on what data should be added to this spread sheet to make it more comprehensive.