Flight Recap for EOSS-165

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Team Golf Reports From the Field

by Benjie Campbel, W0CBH

Well, hi to all the trackers.

Boy, did it get hectic yesterday.

When we realized the APRS beacon was down, Larry and I started to scramble. He found the portable, flexelement yagi antenna and attached the HT. Got it all ready, took one bearing, and the power died for the HT.

Then we discovered the electronic compass in the door pocket was dead with a bad battery. I had to grab my iPhone, find the compass app and get it working. It worked pretty well. We compared it to Larry's old scout magnetic compass, they were right on. Luckily Mr. Noble had the cigarette lighter attachment power supply, and we were able to get a power source for the HT. We took another bearing and headed for the balloon.

By then Steve K0SCC had driven by and we started to follow him. He has a Doppler system in his truck. We drove right by the location where the payloads had been picked up, took another bearing and headed back where it was indicated to be. Steve then realized it was right in the location where an oil rig derrick was working.

He drove up to the rig workers and discovered they had watched the payloads descend and land right next to them. They picked it up and moved it to the back of a truck and promptly called the numbers on the payloads. NO ONE THERE!

At lunch we discussed a method where we can load up our contact numbers and cell numbers and when someone calls them, it will ring with all contacts. This would be a great thing.

Larry and I will now carry fully charged HT's and have a good antenna available to do this direction findiing art we somehow still remembered how to do. We also want to learn how to use Track Point to enter bearings and have the intersection point indicated on the screen. We really need to get this capability streamlined and easy to use. 73's for now. Team Gulf, N0NDM and W0CBH.