Announcement of EOSS-131

If you are coming along on this trip, get Nick Hanks guide to all things GPSL 2008:

Flight Coordinator: Nick Hanks, N0LP ( I'll forward your email to Nick

LAUNCH DATE: August 2nd, 2008 (wx +1)
LAUNCH TIME: 07:30 CDT (11:30 UTC)
LAUNCH SITE: Liberty, MO (For updates See

EOSS Flight Day Frequencies:

Global Frequencies

EOSS-131 Balloon Frequencies

  • Beacons
    • 147.555 MHz
      • CW ID: AE0SS
  • APRS
    • 144.340 MHz
      • ID: AE�SS-11
      • DIGI: EOSS
      • Node: BALNOD
      • APRS Time Slotted Every 30 seconds at 0:00 and 0:30
        • power up at 58 seconds past the GPS minute to properly slot telemetry
      • Telemetry once a minute
      • Sample Data

Flight Systems:


Balloon Manufacturer Kaysam
Balloon Type latex
Balloon Size 1200 gram
Neck Load 11.9 lbs.
Free Lift % calculated at fill
Ascent Rate 1100 fpm estimated
Descent Rate 950 fpm estimated
Parachute 10 ft
Peak Altitude determined after flight
Launch Conditions determined at launch


Payload Configuration:

Tracking and Recovery Info: 

No Grid or Tacticals for an "away launch"


Tactical Callsigns