Recap of EOSS-102

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The Tracking and Recovery Team

by Marty Griffin, WA0GEH

Left to Right

Standing - Richard Beggs - K0AEM, Paul Swanson - W0PSS, Art Hostmark - KI4GYZ, Al Cooley - N0AUS, Chris Krengel - KB0YRZ, Rob Wright - KC0UUO, Colin Glennan - WG0E, Mike Morgan - N0MPM, ??? Larry Cerney - K0ANI

Kneeling - Jeff Ryan - K0RM, Clint Wellard - AC7FY, Benjie Campbell - W0CBH, Larry Noble - N0NDM, ??? Rick Woodsome - K0ETN, Steve Meer - K0SCC

In repose - Marty Griffin, WA0GEH

Help me out with the captions. Fill in blank question marks and confirm question marks followed by my guesses. Thanks.