EOSS-74A Recovery Site Photos

EOSS-74A Recovery Site Photos

by Ann Foster, K�ANN

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That's strange. The order of payloads from top to bottom is supposed to be:

  • Balloon

  • KC0JHQ-11 (pocket tracker APRS)

  • Parachute

  • ATV

  • W5VSI-11 (APRS)

  • W�WYX repeater

  • Parachute

When the system lands it usually lays out pretty much in that order with the exception that the balloon is often hanging below the parachute at landing. However, you can see from the above picture that the first thing to land was actually the W5VSI-11 APRS module. The antennae for the ATV and Repeater modules were intertwined. So after burst the repeater "flew" up to the ATV antenna and managed to get its antenna caught.

On this flight we got back almost the entire balloon. Usually they shred and if still attached only a small remainder of the balloon accompanies the payload train back to landing.


The T&R team

L to R Mark Caviezel [KC�JHQ], Larry Cerney [K�ANI], Larry Noble [N�NDM], Ann Trudeau [KA�ZFI], Ben Baker [KB�UBZ], Marty Griffin [WA�GEH], Ann's grandson behind the menu and flowers, Jim Zimmerman [K�JLZ], Dan Meyer [N�PUF], Ann Foster [K�ANN], Marcia [nocall] and finally Benjie Campbell [W�CBH]

Post flight lunch