Announcement of EOSS-86

Flight Delayed 25 hours (changes in red below)


LAUNCH DATE: December 12, 2004 (alternates Dec 12)
LAUNCH TIME: 09:00 am MST (16:00 UTC)
LAUNCH SITE: Pueblo, CO (directions)

EOSS Frequencies:

Global Frequencies

  • Preflight Net:
    • 448.450 MHz 100 Hz tone (after the regularly scheduled 8pm net)
      • Because of the wide spread distribution of the Tracking & Recovery and Ground station teams for this flight, we need to be able to cover Pueblo, Colorado Springs and the Denver area for the pre-flight net.

        We have permission to hold this net on the PPFMA 70 cm machine. However, there is a net at 8pm. So ... please tune in to this net and wait until it is over. EOSS will then start up the pre-flight net.
  • Tracking and Recovery Operations
    • 448.450 MHz PPFMA Repeater(100 Hz Tone)
    • 146.550 MHz simplex (same simplex for field and launch ops)
    • Repeater Coverage Pages - Listings of all repeaters available in the expected flight areas.
    • There may be FRS operations. Not expected this flight but see THIS PAGE for a list of channel numbers and their associated UHF Frequencies.
    • 7.228 MHz HF (sporadic usage)
  • HF Net
    • 7.228 MHz
      • The HF net may or may not be in operation for any particular flight. It depends on whether or not we get a volunteer net control station.
      • This net will move UP (away from Advanced and Extra band slices) to accommodate QRM. It should not set up above 7.250 MHz so if you don't hear it in that slice of spectrum, it is probably inactive. However station to station traffic for the Tracking and Recovery guys might pop up.

Balloon Frequencies

  • Beacon
    • 147.555 MHz
      • ID: AE�SS in CW
      • Tone then CW ID
    • 445.975 MHz
      • ID: K�ANI-11
      • Tone then CW ID and APRS packet
      • Flight Test of new system
  • APRS
    • 144.340 MHz
      • ID: AE�SS-11
      • DIGI: EOSS
      • Node: BALNOD
    • 445.975 MHz
      • ID: K�ANI-11
      • Flight Test of new system
  • ATV
    • 426.250 MHz (AM Color)
      • ID: AE�SS in CW

Flight Systems:

Balloon Manufacturer Kaymont
Balloon Type latex
Balloon Size 3000 gram
Payload 19.75 Lbs.
Free Lift % calculated at fill
Ascent Rate 1000 fpm estimated
Descent Rate  900 fpm estimated
Parachute 10 ft. diameter
Peak Altitude determined after flight
Launch Conditions determined at launch

Payload Configuration:

Tracking and Recovery Info:

Help us build a database of the best RDF/Observation sites in Eastern Colorado. See the Observation Site Database page for ideas on what we'd like to see in this DB and if you're interested in the Balloon Track use of that database

EOSS Grid:

Location Grid X Grid Y
Hawley 45 50
Toonerville 75 36
Avondale 10 67.5
Thacher 23.5 20
Predicted Touchdown 65.3 33.1
Launch -1.64 71.17


Our Customer

Colorado State University at Pueblo

Payloads will be student designed and constructed. Details of these systems will be posted if provided by the University students.

Radio Coverage:

  • Green, you should be able to work the payload systems.

  • Red, is the border of the received signal. Red appears jittery because it is depicted topographically. Thus, the red dots on the eastern half of the map but well within the maximum distance show hilly terrain behind (east) which reception is not possible.

This is a generic 95,000 ft ASL coverage map for flights that depart from the vicinity of Pueblo, Colorado. Flight day coverage may vary depending on upper air winds.

HF Radio

Usually starts 30 minutes, frequency posted above

Flight Related Info

Support Amateur Radio Repeater Groups

Future Flight Schedule

as of November 14, 2004

All dates should be considered tentative. Each flight usually has a rain date the following day with rare exceptions

Flight ID Date Comments Launch Site
EOSS-87 12-Feb-2005 Open slot for an EOSS "fun flight" Windsor
16-Apr-2005 CU Gateways Balloon Sats and C-SMARTS (dual heavy flights) Windsor
EOSS-90 30-Apr-2005 U of Kentucky Big Blue 3 Windsor
11-Jun-2005 USAFRL SHOT 3 TBD
2-Jul-2005 CU Upward Bound Program Deer Trail *
EOSS-95 16-Jul-2005 CSU SGC StudentSat 4 Workshop Deer Trail *
EOSS-96 23-Jul-2005 GPSL 2005, Omaha Nebraska - NSTAR hosts Omaha, NE
06-Aug-2005 Colorado Space Grant Demo Sats Deer Trail *
?? USAFRL Shot 4  
EOSS-101 ??-Sep-2005 U of Kentucky Big Blue 4 Windsor *
EOSS-102 15-Oct-2005 Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) TBD

* = Last year's launch location. Most probably site but may change