Announcement of EOSS-80

LAUNCH DATE: July 3, 2004
LAUNCH TIME: 08:45 am CDT (13:30 UTC)
LAUNCH SITE: Hutchinson, KS

EOSS-80 will be flown from Hutchinson, Kansas as part of the "Great Plains Super Launch" (GPSL).

  • Beacon
    • 145.600 MHz
      • ID: W5VSI in CW
  • APRS
    • 144.340 MHz
      • ID: W5VSI-11
  • ATV
    • 426.250 MHz
    • ID: W5VSI

Flight Systems:


Balloon Manufacturer Kaymont
Balloon Type latex
Balloon Size 1200 gram
Payload 12 lbs.
Free Lift % calculated at fill
Ascent Rate 1000 fpm estimated
Descent Rate  900 fpm estimated
Parachute 10 ft. diameter
Peak Altitude determined after flight
Launch Conditions determined at launch

Payload Plan


EOSS Grid:

No Grid

Tactical Callsigns:

No Tacticals