Announcement of EOSS-73

Postponed to new launch date below

LAUNCH DATE: December 6, 2003 (snow Dec 7, 2003)
LAUNCH TIME: 08:00 am local (15:00 UTC)
LAUNCH SITE: Windsor, CO (directions)

EOSS Frequencies:

This is a preliminary frequency roundup. Payloads may be dropped and others added. Check back the week of the launch to be sure you have the most up to date information.

  • Preflight Net:
    • 147.225 MHz 8 pm MDT preceding Friday night
      • 145.160 MHz simulcast in the Springs
    • 146.640 MHz will serve as a backup frequency
  • Beacon
    • 147.555 MHz CW and Tracking tone
  • APRS
    • 144.340 MHz
    • ID: W5VSI-11
  • Tracking and Recovery Operations
    • 449.450 MHz 103.5 Hz tone (primary EOSS T&R Repeater) Rocky Mountain Radio League
    • 146.550 MHz simplex (same simplex for field and launch ops)
  • HF Net during Flight
    • 7228 KHz (see notes about this freq)
    •  starting at 14:30 UTC (7:30am MST)

Flight Systems:

Balloon Manufacturer Kaymont
Balloon Type latex
Balloon Size 3000 gram
Payload 20+ Lbs.
Free Lift % calculated at fill
Ascent Rate 1200 fpm estimated
Descent Rate  910 fpm estimated
Parachute 10 ft. diameter
Peak Altitude determined after flight
Launch Conditions determined at launch

See NOTES below regarding payload train configuration

Payload Configuration:

EOSS Grid:

Posted the day prior to flight


HF Radio

We try and start an HF net approximately 30 to 45 minutes prior to launch on 7.228 MHz. If that frequency is busy we try 7.235 or 7.240 MHz.

Sparky, KA�DPC and Bruce, NA�BR will be net control

Expected Coverage

Map made with Radio Mobile Deluxe