Announcement of EOSS-67

LAUNCH DATE: June 14, 2003
LAUNCH TIME: 07:00 am MST, 13:00 UTC (Changed Due to FAA Requirements)
LAUNCH SITE: Deer Trail (directions)

If an EOSS payload is highlighted, there is a link to an information page about that payload.

EOSS Frequencies:

Full Frequency Guide for GPSL Balloons

EOSS Grid Layout:

Location X Coord Y Coord
Last Chance 39.5 38.5
Deer Trail 15 30
Arriba 56 8
Akron 60 67

Grid Calculator centered on Last Chance with a lat long of:

  • 39� 44.441 North
  • 103� 35.615 West

Flight Systems:


Balloon Manufacturer Kaysam
Balloon Type latex
Balloon Size 1200 gram
Nozzle Lift unknown until fill
Free Lift % unknown until fill
Ascent Rate  1000 fpm
Descent Rate  ~ 915 fpm (adjusted to sea level) calculated
Peak Altitude 95,000 ft.
Launch Conditions will appear on recap page

See NOTES below regarding payload train configuration

Payload Configuration:

When payload layout is complete a description will be posted here


HF Radio

We try and start an HF net approximately 45 minutes prior to launch on 7.228 MHz. If that frequency is busy we try 7.235 or 7.240 MHz.

The net control for this flight will be Bruce, NA�BR.