Great Plains Super Launch 2002

Combined Flight Tracks

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Groups and Individuals Involved with the GPSL Event

Arizona Near Space Research (ANSR)

High Altitude Basic Investigation Testing And Tracking (HABITAT)

KD0FW - Mike Bogard

Nebraska Stratospheric Amateur Radio (NSTAR)

Project: Traveler

Treasure Valley Near Space ProjectData (TVNSP)

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LAUNCH DATE: July 6, 2002
LAUNCH SITE: Manhattan, KS

  • Packet APRS
    • 144.340 MHz NMEA every minute (ID:W5VSI-11)
    • 147.555 MHz (ID: W0WYX)
  • Beacon
    • 145.600 MHz CW ID W5VSI
  • Cross Band Repeater
    • 445.975 MHz Input
    • 147.555 MHz Output (APRS burst included)

Green = Actual Track
Purple = Pre-Flight Predict Ascent
Red = Pre-Flight Predict Descent

Flight predictions made using Balloon Track for Windows
Mapping Software - Microsoft MapPoint 2002
APRS software - APRS-Plus

Balloon Track for Windows                                Version 1.7.8
Flight Recap
Thursday, July 11, 2002            EOSS-58      Profile_02_07_06_1200Z.dat
3:56:24 PM                    HRU Herington Air               wbaltrak.ini
Winds DataFile
Station: UNK
Date: 1200Z 06 08 2002
DataFile Status: Intact
Intact Records: 26
Corrupt Records: 0
Launch Site - HRU Herington Air
Launch Point: 38.6832� lat.   -96.808� long.
Ascent Rate: 1000 feet per minute
Descent Rate: 1384 feet per minute
Altitude: 1480 feet
Predicted Landing Site
Landing Point: 38.5532� lat.  -97.143� long.
Altitude: 1500 feet
Flight Time: 124 Minutes
Bearing: 243.7� True
Range: 20.2 Mi.
Actual Landing Site
Landing Point: 38.7326� lat.  -97.2288� long.
Bearing: 278.7� True
Range: 22.9 Mi.
Difference from Predicted to Actual Landing Site
Bearing: 339.6� True
Range: 13.2 Mi.

Recap Text

The "touchdown" was observed by Mike Manes - W5VSI and Rick von Glahn - N0KKZ. The payload train landed across a single-phase power line feeding a farmhouse.

Data Files

EOSS-58 (W5VSI-11)

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