Recap of EOSS-48

All reports and additions to this recap are welcome. This is a preliminary attempt.

LAUNCH DATE: April 1st, 2001
LAUNCH TIME: 15:14:40 UTC - 09:14:40 MDT
LAUNCH SITE: Windsor, Colorado, Gene Fatton�s Ranch

  • 40.4744 Degrees N. Latitude
  • -104.9628 Degrees W. Longitude

Below the black line is the preflight prediction, the red line (pretty much obscured) is the actual track, and the "line" composed of blue and red dots is the post burst touchdown prediction using winds gathered during the ascent phase of the flight. If you have Street Atlas, the mapdoc for this screen is available below.

Balloon Track for Windows                                Version 1.6.9
Flight Recap
Sunday, April 01, 2001             EOSS-48          DNR_01_04_01_1200Z.dat
1:02:05 PM                         Windsor                    wbaltrak.ini
Winds DataFile
Station: DNR
Date: 1200Z 01 04 01
DataFile Status: Errors in Source File
Intact Records: 73
Corrupt Records: 1
Grid Placement Data
Reference Site: Akron
Latitude: 40.1593� lat.
Longitude: -103.209� long.
X_Offset: 58.50
Y_Offset: 45.00
Grid Origin
Latitude: 39.5075� lat.
Longitude: -104.3175� long.
Launch Site - Windsor
Launch Point: 40.4744� lat.   -104.9628� long.
Grid: X=-33.9 Y=66.8
Ascent Rate: 1052 feet per minute
Descent Rate: 1000 feet per minute
Altitude: 5020 feet
VOR Station - Gill(GLL)
Latitude: 40.51� lat.
Longitude: -104.55� long.
Magnetic Offset: -10.8� from True Degrees
Predicted Landing Site
Landing Point: 40.0675� lat.  -103.2561� long.
Grid: X=56.1 Y=38.7
Altitude: 4468 feet
Flight Time: 133 Minutes
Bearing: 106.8� True
Range: 94.2 Mi.
Actual Landing Site
Landing Point: 40.1586� lat.  -103.1577� long.
Grid: X=61.2 Y=45.0
Bearing: 102.3� True
Range: 97.5 Mi.
Difference from Predicted to Actual Landing Site
Bearing: 39.5� True
Range: 8.2 Mi.


PRIMARY INTEGRATOR: Pioneer Astronautics, Dr. Robert Zubrin [KC�IIK], Gary Snyder [N7QAM], Mark Caviezel [KC�JHQ], �Mars Micro Balloon Probe�.


  • This was the sixth of many planned EOSS flights for the �Mars Micro Balloon
    Probe� which will place a series of balloons in the Martian atmosphere.  The
    objectives of this flight were to test and develop inflatable gases from
    compounds that are normally liquids at Standard Temperature and Pressure
    (STP).   The Mars surface pressure is simulated at 100,000 feet above sea
    level, thus the experiment on an EOSS balloon.  This experiment attempted
    to inflate balloons using various compounds. 
  • Additionally, three 600 gram �Grape� drag balloons will be flown to help stabilize
    the payload on decent while deploying the micro balloon.  This experimental
    drag balloon concept will be deployed on Mars missions if successful.

CROSS BAND REPEATER: The RMRL cross-band repeater was deployed.  QSL cards will be issued for successful contacts through the repeater. Look at this footprint of the radio horizon at 90,000 feet! Contacts should have been possible between folks under this footprint. However, we seem to be having a little problem with the receiver sensitivity. The RMRL X-band repeater is going into the shop for a major inspection. Hopefully we can improve things for future flights.

The balloon burst a little above 90,045 feet.  

footprint at 90,000 ft. ASL
Mapping Software - Street Atlas V 8.0


  • The packet callsign was:  W�WYX


HF Net:

  • 7.235 MHz Bruce, NA�BR net control starts @15:30 UTC
  • 7.232 MHz Alternate Frequency


  • 144.340 MHz FM (350 milliwatts output).  
    • CW beacon and cut down system

Cross-Band Repeater:

  • Input 445.975 MHz
  • Output 147.555 MHz
  • Net Control K�YG, Mark

APRS Output

  • 147.555 MHz, Output of Crossband Repeater


  • 426.250 MHz.

Tracking Teams:

Grid Placement for April 1, 2001

Last Chance3816

Cross Band Repeater Log

Time Call  Name  Location
9:17  W�AVV Randy
9:18  K�YG  Mark  Crossband Net Control - N of Parker,CO
9:19  N�KKZ Rick  10 Mi. East of Parker,CO
9:20  KC�EKL  Frank Aurora
9:24  N�TZL Dan Henderson
9:27  K�ANI Larry Launch Ground Station
9:29  KC�EDI  Evan  C470 & Santa Fe
9:29  KB�RYY  Gene  Golden
9:34  KD7GXU  Jason Torrington, WY
9:38  KC�IUN  Ray Longmont
9:40  K�TOR Jim Launch Site
9:44  N�ERG Gary  Englewood
9:45  NA�BR Bruce   HF Net Control, Byers
9:48  N�XDW Jeff  Wray CO - mobile
9:48  KC�HUY  Rick  Aurora
9:51  W9BNO Rich  Highlands Ranch
9:52  KB�YRZ  Chris DF Team
9:53  KC5LXC  Phil  Colo Springs
9:55  K�RAW Richard
10:04 KB�CY Bob Monument
10:21 KB�LP Dave
10:30 N�QXW Matt  Tracking -Station Fox
<Net Control Changed to N�QXW>
10:55 KL�WN   Denver
10:58 W�MC  Jerry Ft Collins
11:14 KB7JIZ
11:17 K�LMD Ron CO/NE State Line in NE


The cross band repeater seemed to be somewhat hearing impaired this time out.


Several photos were submitted. Here are a couple

DF Triangulation Data

Paul Ternlund's DF recap


(these will be updated as additional data arrive)