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LAUNCH DATE: October 19, 2002
LAUNCH TIME: 09:00 am MDT, 15:00 UTC
LAUNCH SITE: Meadow Lake Airport (Directions)

See directions page for more info


All Balloon Frequencies Tentative

  • Preflight Net:
    • 147.225 MHz 8 pm MDT preceding Friday night
      • 145.160 MHz simulcast in the Springs
    • 146.640 MHz will serve as a backup frequency
  • HF Net during Flight
    • 7235 KHz starting at 14:30 UTC (8:30am MDT)
  • Cross Band Repeater
    • Input 445.975 MHz
    • Output 147.555 MHz
      • APRS burst @ once a minute
  • APRS (on Output of Cross Band Repeater)
    • 147.555 MHz
    • ID: W0WYX
  • APRS on the stand alone beacon
    • 144.340 MHz
    • ID = W5VSI-11
    • Digi = EOSS60
    • Node = BALNOD
  • Beacon
    • 145.600 MHz
  • ATV
    • 426.250 MHz (AM)
  • Tracking and Recovery Operations
    • 448.450 MHz (100 Hz PL tone) courtesy of PPFMA
    • 146.550 MHz simplex (same simplex for field and launch ops)
  • Simplex at Launch Site
    • 146.550 MHz (same simplex for field and launch ops)

Grid Placement:

Location X coord Y coord
Launch point 33 63.5
Punkin Center 80 55
Colorado Springs 20 55
Burnt Mill 0 21
Karval 89 47
Landing point 55 44



EOSS-60 will be in support of the Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) Boy Scouts of America event. Details will be added as they arrive.

Information is available on the Scout's JOTA Web Page

Here's the Flyer being posted to advertise this event.

Radio Coverage for EOSS-60 Cross Band Repeater

Coverage at 95,000 feet ASL

Light Green - (good packet reception) APRS
Red - The 0.40 uV threshold - voice may be possible outside of this zone but will be noisy

This plot generated by Radio Mobile

For folks planning on using the cross band repeater, I urge you to check out the Cross Band Repeater Page that covers this device and its operation. This can increase your effectiveness in contacting distant stations by learning some easy protocols.