Announcement of EOSS-57

LAUNCH DATE: June 22, 2002
LAUNCH TIME: 14:00 UTC - 08:00 MDT
LAUNCH SITE: Deer Trail, Colorado (directions)

Tracking and Recovery

  • Primary Frequency
    • 449.450 MHz 103.5 tone
  • Backup Frequency
    • 449.225 MHz 141.3 tone
  • 2nd Backup Genoa
    • 147.060 MHz
  • Simplex
    • 146.550 MHz

EOSS-57 "A" (EOSS system)

  • Packet APRS
    • 144.340 MHz NMEA every minute (ID:W5VSI-11)
  • Beacon
    • 147.555 MHz CW ID

EOSS-57 "B" (Montana State University, Borealis)

  • Packet APRS
    • 144.290 MHz Kenwood D7 Mike-E mode every 12 seconds (ID:KD7MFJ-11)
  • Beacon
    • 145.600 MHz commandable beacon

EOSS-57 "C" (Iowa Habet)

  • Packet APRS
    • 446.375 MHz NMEA every 4 seconds (ID:KC0GMJ)
    • 433.925 MHz ATV


EOSS Grid Positions

  • Last Chance: 40, 15
  • Wiggins: 15, 49
  • Akron: 60, 44
  • Anton: 60, 15
  • Launch Site: 15.5, 6.5
  • Predicted TD: 35, 41


Mike's email concerning this flight is pretty comprehensive

.Latest info may be interest:

1) The Byers and Windsor launch sites are unavailable, but thanks to Larry K0ANI, we've gained an OK from the Deer Trail Schools Superintendent, Chris Fiedler, to launch from the Deer Trail HS ball park, a' la EOSS-53, and to have access to the school building for the flight, Sat June 22. Larry's still working to touch base with the Deer Trail Town Council, but if our operation is limited to the school, then keeping the Council informed is likely to be just a matter of courtesy.

2) EOSS will be joined by peer balloon groups from U. Mt and IA State, and each group will provide its own balloons, 'chutes APRS payloads, filling rigs and launch and chase teams. EOSS is being relied on to provide the launch site, fill gas, ground station and FAA reporting for all three teams, plus our own balloon. And all 3 groups will present their ideas and share experiences during the Workshop at CU on Friday 6/21.

3) Since the launch prep task will be shared Sat AM, there is no reason to stagger the launches as discussed at the last meeting. Since MT and IA are accustomed to launching at dawn, Chris has scheduled a 0800 launch time, which should help get all of us back to town in time to get some good FD work in before crashing! But the ground station crew should plan on arriving in Deer Trail at 0600 to get set up; the Workshop teams plan to arrive at 0700.

4) The U MT command module weighs about 5 lb and uses a D-7 for APRS. It will beacon on 144.34 as KD7MFJ-11 along with the EOSS beacon as W5VSI-11. The EOSS balloon will also fly the CW/cutdown on 147.555.

5) I have not yet heard the details of the IA APRS beacon, but their module weighs upwards of 8 lb (>>not<< FAR-101 exempt); they plan on trimming it back under 6 lb before coming to Boulder, however. EOSS >>cannot<< support their flight otherwise, since it will require a waiver from Seattle, and that takes up to 45 days. Perhaps the FAA is not so fastidious in IA.

6) All of the 23 cubesats will weigh in the 300 - 400 gm (0.66 - 0.88 lb) range, and they're all going to be identical except for possible moderate variations in foamcore construction implemented by each team. They will be designed with vertical thru bushings intended to be strung like beads on the flight string, although IA has indicated that they prefer to bundle their cubesats in a separate housing. Chris plans on flying 9 on the EOSS string, and up to 8 on the other two, within the 12 lb limit.

7) I have given Chris an OK to include hardcopies of the EOSS Handbook in the handout materials; since that document has been feely download- able for quite some time, I think we've abandoned any proprietary claims, however. Chris will also give EOSS a copy of the Workshop folder plus a CD. Who knows? By 'n by, EOSS may get cited in some august academic publication some day!

That's it for now. I'll update you as I learn more.