Announcement of EOSS-42

note: The original announcement for this flight was lost. This is a recreation compiled on 18-March-2005. the recreation was prompted by the recent submission by Marty Griffin, WA0GEH, of documents pertaining to the flight.

LAUNCH DATE: July 16, 2000 (Rain Date: N/A)
LAUNCH TIME: 15:00 UTC - 9:00 MDT

Chatfield State Park
C470 and Wadsworth
Ranger Station or Balloon Launch Site (directions)


Between 80 degrees and 145 degrees azimuth


  • The RMRL crossband repeater will not be deployed due to weight restricions.


Preflight Foxhunter Net:

  • 147.225 MHz Colorado Repeater Association
  • 8:00PM the preceding night

Launch Site:

  • Simplex 146.550 MHz


  • 144.340 MHz FM (1 Watt output)

Cross-Band Rptr:

  • Not Flying


  • Output: 144.34 vertical
  • ID: W5VSI
  • Info: NMEA RMC, GGA.


  • 426.250 MHz - NTSC video


  • MCW FM beacon
  • 147.555 MHz
  • vertical

Tracking Team:

  • 449.450 Pending Approval
  • 146.58 MHz Simplex Field Frequency

EOSS and Pioneer Astronautics, Dean Spieth "Mars Micro Balloon Probe"

Deployment of Mars balloons. The EOSS ATV will be used to monitor and confirm the success of the experiment. Tune in for the excitement.

This is the second of many planned EOSS flights for the "Mars Micro Balloon Probe" which will place a series of balloons in the Martian atmosphere. The objective of this flight are to test and develop inflatable gases from compounds that are normally liquids at Standard Temperature and Pressure
(STP). The Mars surface pressure is simulated at 100,000 feet above sea
level, thus the experiment on an EOSS balloon. This experiment will attempt to inflate balloons using various compounds. This will also permit a test of the deployment canisters required on Mars.

Marty's Email

I include these emails as they reflect on this flight and were provided by Marty.

-----Original Message-----
From: Marty Griffin
Sent: Saturday, July 01, 2000 8:18 PM
Subject: EOSS #42, July 15, Heads Up for tracking team

Hi EOSS Tracking Team,

If you got this message twice, sorry. I am trying to get the word out quickly.

We are planning to launch EOSS #42 from Laramie on July 15, with a rain date of July 16. This will be a large balloon courtesy of Norm Kjome and the Pioneer Astronautics folks.

We don't have the details yet, but the launch is scheduled for 10:00 am!

This will give the tracking folks a chance to go to the Loveland hamfest and then drift on to Wyoming for the recovery. The idea might be to simply head for the recovery area instead of Laramie although Norm welcomes all folks to the launch site. A formal flight announcement will follow.

The purpose of this message is to ask who can participate as tracking members. I already have Larry K0ANI as one member. Please respond with your intentions as we don't have much time to make phone calls due to the holiday week. Let me know if you can participate for the 15th or 16th or both.

Yes I can track EOSS #42 on July 15
Yes I can track EOSS #42 on the rain date, July 16
Yes I can track EOSS #42 on both days


Marty Griffin, WA0GEH

-----Original Message-----
From: Marty Griffin []
Sent: Tuesday, July 11, 2000 9:09 AM
Subject: EOSS #42 - Major Changes!!

Hello Everyone,

We have made some major changes for EOSS #42 due to Norm Kjome's sudden unavailability.

1. The date has changed from Saturday July 15 to Sunday July 16, 2000
2. The launch site has changed from Laramie Wyoming to Chatfield
State Park, either the Ranger Station on the hill or the hot air balloon
launch site. Arrangements are being made.
3. The time has changed from 10:00 to 9:00 am.

Again, if you can support this flight for Tracking and Recovery, please advise Marty Griffin


Flight Announcement for EOSS #42

EOSS #42 is on schedule and will launch from Laramie Wyoming at 9:00 am MDT, July 16, 2000 (Rain date is N/A) Listen for the beacon on
147.555 and look for ATV on 426.25. The flight should reach 100,000 ft. and the beacons should be heard in a 400 mile radius.

This flight is on behalf of Pioneer Astronautics. We welcome Dr. Robert Zubrin and Dean Spieth from Pioneer Astronautics. They are beginning a series of experiments and flights to test inflations using various liquid/gas compounds and balloon deployment canisters for future Mars balloon missions. Several balloons for the Mars mission will be deployed and tested on this flight.

Saturday night, July 15, Marty, WA0GEH will conduct the tracking and recovery net on 147.225, 8:00 MDT. Logistics for the tracking and recovery operation will be discussed. Please plan to listen in or, if you are interested, joining the effort.

Tracking and Recovery People: Please advise if you can support this flight to Marty Griffin. This will save a phone call, thanks.

The Tracking and Recovery net will be on an unknown Wyoming repeater to be announced. On Sunday, July 16, starting about 7:00 am logistic traffic will start to flow. This will be become a DIRECTED net, all traffic for the recovery effort will be directed through Marty, WA0GEH.