Announcement of EOSS-39

note: The original announcement for this flight was lost. This is a recreation compiled on 18-March-2005. the recreation was prompted by the recent submission by Marty Griffin, WA0GEH, of documents pertaining to the flight.

LAUNCH DATE: March 12, 2000
LAUNCH TIME: 18:30 UTC - 12:30 MDT
LAUNCH SITE: Chatfield State Park (directions)


  • Launch Site:
    • Simplex 146.550 MHz
  • Cross-Band Repeater: 
    • 445.975 (input)
    • 147.555 (output)
  • Foxhunters:
    • 146.940  MHz RMRL Repeater (103.5 Hz tone)
    • 146.580 MHz Simplex Field Frequency


LINKED HERE is a PDF file containing the original announcement that was posted at various locations about the net. A version of this file was converted to HTML and linked to the original flight announcement page too.

Cross Band Operations:

  • Transmit to the repeater on 445.975 MHz, listen to 147.555 MHz. 
  • Watch out for feedback, use headphones or muting. 
  • Listen for net control operations. 
  • Always defer to the recovery team as they may need the frequency for tracking efforts. WA0GEH will take control if that is necessary.

webmaster's historical note:

EOSS-39 was designed to be an attraction to fox hunters in the hope of gaining new members to the group. This was a competitive recovery operation. UNLIKE EVERY OTHER FLIGHT, direction finding information was NOT shared. Stations that managed to find the landing site were placed into a pool. A winner was drawn from that pool to be awarded the prize of a Garmin ETrex GPS unit. We went with the pool concept because we were scared stiff that if we awarded the prize to the first person to find the payloads we'd have multiple crashes of folks racing about on county dirt roads to be the first to the landing site.