Flight Recap of EOSS-27

LAUNCH DATE: August 17, 1996
LAUNCH SITE: Pikes Peak Radio Control Club Airport (Here's a Map.)

  • 38deg 57' 17.65" North Latitude
  • 104deg 30' 04.43 West Longitude

TRACK: unknown

Burst Time: 16:11 UTC
Burst Altitude: 88,328 ft. ASL

Touchdown Time: 16:48 UTC
Touchdown: (estimated from Marty's recap)

  • 38.76645� N
  • 104.47564� W

FLIGHT EXPERIMENT: Chaff dispenser


  • Preflight Foxhunter Net 8:00PM the preceding night
    • 147.225 MHz Colorado Repeater Association
  • Launch Site:
    • Simplex 146.550 MHz
  • Telemetry:
    • 144.340 MHz FM (1 Watt output) - The Packet telemetry stream is in ax.25 format at 1200 baud and is readable in plain English for the most part. Included in each telemetry frame is an APRS position string (APRS users see note below). Every few minutes a CW ID is transmitted on this frequency.
  • Xband Repeater: (the receiver failed prior to launch so we only had the beacon IDer on the output)
    • Input - 445.985 MHz (inactive)
    • Output - 147.555 MHz
  • ATV:
    • EOSS Shuttle Video - 426.250 MHz AM (1 Watt output) - NTSC video
  • 448.450 MHz Pikes Peak FM Association Repeater
  • 146.58 MHz Simplex Field Frequency

Recap of EOSS-27:

by Marty Griffin, WA0GEH

Well folks, another one up and another one down. 27 for 27.

The flight was launched, after some delay, at 8:48 and landed 10:48. It landed about 14 mi due south of the launch point which was in line with some of the 188 degree readings we were looking at earlier in the week. This landing put us at 13 mi SE of Falcon, 14 mi E of Security and 7 mi SW of Ellicott. The recovery teams were well located around the site and late bearings were in the .7 figure of merit. Recovery was complete at 11:20 with the spacecraft back on the road.

There was minimal GPS coming off the spacecraft, very little altitude info. The x-band repeater did not work and it is unknown if the chaff experiment worked with any success. The ATV pics showed excellent disbursement of chaff. AirOne did not fly due to restrictions in the airspace over Falcon AFB from which we landed about two miles (UGGHHH). All tracking, therefore was DF, and the teams did a great job. Let's hear it for reduntant systems!

Greg, I hope your talk went well and hope to see it on the front pages. I think Dole got more press.

Rick, thanks for the weather data, we were well positioned and all went well. Happy birthday.

Ann, hope you got some TV out of this .. see you Monday.