Flight Recap of EOSS-14

Launch date: October 16,1993

Launch time: 17:30 UTC

Launch site: East Branch of the Colorado Springs Public Library
                  Colorado Springs, Colorado  USA
Launch coordinates:  38.9150 deg NORTH
                              104.7635 deg WEST
Burst Time: 18:25 UTC
Max Altitude: 98,000 ft.
Touchdown time: 18:47 (UTC)
Touchdown Distance: 113.46 miles
Touchdown coordinates:  38.79667 deg NORTH
                                     102.65880 deg WEST
 Payload Systems:

  • W6ORE Flight Controller
  • ATV - 426.250 MHz
  • Beacon - 147.555 MHz
  • Pressure Sensor used to determine altitude
  • Temperature sensors (internal and external)

Project Lead: Jack Crabtree, AA0P
Balloon Lead: Merle McCaslin, K0YUK
Tech Committee: Mike Manes
Ground Station: Rick von Glahn, N0KKZ
Tracking and Recovery: Greg Burnett, K0ELM

  Flight Highlights
Weather on flight day was good. Winds were very light. 

The purpose of this flight was to demonstrate our capabilities to the public at large. The Colorado Springs Library was hosting Amateur Radio Day and several different capabilities of amateur radio were on display.

During the flight MANY folks walked through the library displays and had a chance to view live ATV pictures from the payload. This display caught and held the attention of many of the children who visited. At times we had 20 to 30 people watching our ATV downlink and asking questions about our organization.

Recovery was made in a timely manner.