Flight Recap of EOSS-10

Launch date: February 6, 1993
Launch time: 17:00 UTC
Launch site: University of Southern Colorado
                   Pueblo, Colorado  USA
Launch coordinates:  38.3078 deg NORTH
                              104.5700 deg WEST
Max Altitude: 98,000 ft.
Burst Time: 18:43
Touchdown time: 19:15 UTC
Touchdown Distance: 15.74 miles
Touchdown coordinates:  38.5351 deg NORTH
                                     104.5471 deg WEST

Payload Systems:

  • W6ORE Flight Controller
  • ATV - 426.250 MHz
  • Beacon - 147.555 MHz
  • Pressure Sensor used to determine altitude
  • Temperature sensors (internal and external)

 Experiments: Test flight of LORAN-C
                     Demonstration flight for U. of S.C.

Project Lead: Jack Crabtree, AA0P
Balloon Lead: Merle McCaslin, K0YUK
Tech Committee: Mike Manes
Launch Site Lead: Jack Crabtree, AA0P
Ground Station: Rick von Glahn, N0KKZ
Tracking and Recovery: Greg Burnett, K0ELM

  Flight Highlights
This flight was a demonstration and educational flight for the University of Southern Colorado. A four hour class was held at the University on Friday the day prior to t flight for interested parties. They hoped to start a balloon group in Pueblo.

WX conditions were very windy. In fact we experienced the worst winds of any flight with the exception of EOSS-4, the "Humble Telescope" flight. Upper level winds were unusual too as we were right on the boundary of two upper level weather systems.

The LORAN-C worked well. It did lose lock during the ascent phase but locked in after a reset command and stayed locked the rest of the flight. LORAN was in manual with chain 9610 and secondaries of 1 and 4.

The altitude sensor did not work properly, a software problem which was corrected for the next flight. The flight was observed visually throughout the entire mission due to exceptionally clear air and the shortness of the flight from launch point.


Telemetry Log File zipped