Flight Recap of EOSS-8

Launch date: August 29, 1992
Launch time: 16:57 UTC
Launch site: Colorado State Fair
                   Pueblo, Colorado  USA
Launch coordinates:  38.3078 deg NORTH
                              104.5700 deg WEST
Max Altitude: 109,000 ft.
Touchdown time: 18:48 UTC
Touchdown Distance: 63.87 miles (north of Rocky Ford quarter mile on rd. 5
Touchdown coordinates:  38.200 deg NORTH
                                     103.400 deg WEST

Payload Systems:

  • IASS Spin Control (second flight)
  • W6ORE Flight Controller
  • ATV - 426.250 MHz
  • Beacon - 147.555 MHz
  • Pressure Sensor used to determine altitude
  • Temperature sensors (internal and external)


Rocky Mountain Radio League Cross Band Repeater

Project Lead: Suzanne Wahrle
Balloon Lead: Merle McCaslin, K0YUK
Payload Lead: Mike Manes, Mike Ditto
Launch Site Lead: Jack Crabtree, AA0P
Tracking and Recovery: Greg Burnett, K0ELM
Radio Nets: Marty Hill, N0NTH

Flight Highlights

An excellent Flyer was created to handout for this event. I've copied it as it provides lots of names and some description of the anticipated flight.

In addition to the normal fox hunting DF, tracking and position plotting of ATV signal was accomplished via the 60 foot disk on Table Mesa approximately 160 miles from touch down.

We were unable to command the package on 2 meters no packet was received and we were thus unable to control the spin stabilization vanes. The signal disappeared at touchdown. An airplane search team was able to reactivate the payload and the package was finally found (later that same day) at 01:00 UTC, Aug. 30, 1992.


Before the fair there was some type of activity up here in Denver to publicize the event. EOSS set up a booth on the 16th st. Mall. I don't know any more about it but did receive some photos recently. Since they are related to the Pueblo State Fair Flight I'm placing them here.

Photos from the flight of EOSS-008