Flight Recap of EOSS-7

Launch date: July 8, 1992
Launch time: 14:00 UTC
Launch site: Robert Clement Park
                   Littleton, Colorado  USA
Launch coordinates:  39.60865 deg NORTH
                              105.07388 deg WEST
Max Altitude: 75,000 ft.
Touchdown time: 15:36 UTC (LOS)
Touchdown Distance: 36.08 miles
Touchdown coordinates:  39.150 deg NORTH
                                     104.750 deg WEST

Payload Systems:

  • Crossband Repeater
  • W6ORE Flight Controller
  • ATV - 426.250 MHz
  • Beacon - 147.555 MHz
  • Pressure Sensor used to determine altitude
  • Temperature sensors (internal and external)


  • Rocky Mountain Radio League Cross Band Repeater

Project Lead: Bob Ragain, WB4ETT
Balloon Lead: Merle McCaslin, K0YUK
Launch Site Lead: Jack Crabtree, AA0P
Tracking and Recovery: Greg Burnett, K0ELM

Flight Highlights
The RMRL cross band repeater, which weighed in at 3.1 LBs. and a 10 meter beacon were the payloads on this flight. Both worked fine. The crossband repeater received signals on 446.000 MHz and retransmitted them on 147.555 MHz. The 10 meter beacon transmitted on 28.321 MHz.

The payload landed 5 miles east of I-25 on the El Paso County Line.

Due to the absence of clouds, the balloon was tracked visually until burst. The burst was sighted by eye too.