Flight Recap of EOSS-3

Launch date: September 28, 1991
Launch time: 15:37 UTC
Launch site: Denver Museum of Natural History
                   Denver, Colorado  USA
Launch coordinates:  39.7166 deg NORTH
                              105.9930 deg WEST
Max Altitude: 107,000 ft.
Touchdown time: 17:47 UTC +- 5 minutes
Touchdown Distance: 19.81 Miles
Touchdown coordinates:  39.666 deg NORTH
                                     104.566 deg WEST

 Payload Systems:

  • W6ORE Flight Controller
  • ATV - 426.250 MHz
  • Beacon - 147.555 MHz
  • 6 meter control of ATV pointing angle
  • Pressure Sensor used to determine altitude
  • Temperature sensors (internal and external)

Experiments: Controlled release via the W6ORE computer system


  • Colorado Repeater Association (CRA)
  • Explorer Post #2268
  • Astronomy Group for Studies

Project Lead: Jack Crabtree, AA0P
Balloon Lead: Merle McCaslin, K0YUK
Launch Site Lead: Marty Hill, N0NTH
Public Relations Lead: Tim Armagost, WB0TUB
Tracking and Recovery: Greg Burnett, K0ELM
Radio Nets Lead: Nate Bushnell, KD0UE
Education Lead: Tom Isenberg, N0KSR

  Flight Highlights
The balloon was seen through a telescope at burst. The package landed hard and was found within 15 minutes of touchdown. 

WX at the launch site was ideal. No winds.

Parachute top support released and dropped the parachute lines down on the payload soon after launch. ATV camera failed to move during cold temperatures. ATV pictures were poor this time, no contrast and weak signal.

Commands to release the balloon didn't work (servo was too cold). On impact, the controller program hung up sending a single tone on the 2 meter beacon frequency. The 35mm camera became separated from the payload during flight and was lost.



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