Announcement of EOSS-22

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) experimental flight.

Project Lead Jack Crabtree


LAUNCH DATE: 21-May-1995
LAUNCH SITE: Air Force Academy Parade Grounds
Launch coordinates:

  • 39'00.56 N
  • 104'52.90 W


  • Telemetry:
    • 144.290 MHz FM (1 Watt output) - The Packet telemetry stream is in ax.25 format at 1200 baud and is readable in plain English for the most part. Included in each telemetry frame is an APRS position string (APRS users see note below). Every few minutes a CW ID is transmitted on this frequency.
  • Beacon:
    • 147.520 MHz FM (250 milliWatt output) - Continuous CW ID
  • ATV:
    • 439.250 MHz AM (1 Watt output) - Color NTSC video
  • 10 Meter Beacon:
    • 28.322 MHz USB (500 milliWatt output) - Continuous CW ID (this payload may or may not fly. It is tentative as of this writing)
  • Pikes Peak FM Association 448.450 MHz
  • 7.235 MHz KA0DPC Sparky will handle the HF net.

Two experiments will be flown.

1.) A gas capture experiment to sample air below and above the thermal inversion that regularly resides above Colorado Springs. These samples will be obtained by using computer controlled, evacuated canisters. These canisters will be recovered and the gasses they capture will be analyzed for their constituents.

Should there be no inversion layer this late in the year, a distinct possibility, then the flight will serve as a test of the gas capture mechanism.

2.) Ozone will constantly be monitored throughout the flight. This information will be transmitted to the ground via telemetry channels in the EOSS "Shuttle II" where they will be captured on computer for later analysis.