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The Flight History Page examines all flights as a group. For information about a particular flight beyond that limited data see the recap below for that flight.

Flight Historical Recaps 1 through 150

Recap and Pre-Flight Announcement Files

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Flight recaps from 1 through 12 were reconstructed from the EOSS Handbook and telemetry logs and so are somewhat brief. Flights from 13 through 15 were reconstructed entirely from memory and from telemetry logs and are extremely brief.

The similarity of the Flight Announcement files and the Recap files is no coincidence. However, I post these announcement files so that you may see what we planned as opposed to what we ended up actually flying.


Flight DesignationAnsNotesDate
EOSS-193YesEOSS Flight Qualification and Montclair School of Academics and Enrichment22-Feb-2014


Flight DesignationAnsNotesDate
EOSS-190YesSGC Demosats03-Aug-2013
EOSS-189YesPre-Collegiate Development Program27-Jun-2013
EOSS-188YesGPSL 2013 in Pella, IA Mike Morgan N0MPM host15-Jun-2013
EOSS-187YesDeer Trail launch for CGS SHOT13-Apr-2013
EOSS-185/186YesEaton launch for CGS Demosats13-Apr-2013


Flight DesignationAnsNotesDate
EOSS-183YesJPL, CalPoly, St. Louis09-Dec-2012
EOSS-180YesSGC Demosats28-Jul-2012
EOSS-179YesSGC Pre-Collegiate Development Program07-Jul-2012
EOSS-177/178YesSGC SHOT30-Jun-2012
EOSS-176YesGPSL 2012 at Omaha Nebraska09-Jun-2012
EOSS-175YesSteve Spangler Science and Weather Day at Coors Field02-May-2012
EOSS-174YesSGC Demosats, Metro State14-Apr-2012
EOSS-173YesEOSS "Fun Flight", BARC25-Feb-2012


Flight DesignationAnsNotesDate
EOSS-168/169/170YesNOAA AirCores (2 heavy and one new lite)10-Sep-2011
EOSS-167YesGPSL 2011, SGC payloads30-Jul-2011
EOSS-166YesSG Upward Bound09-Jul-2011
EOSS-165YesSGC SHOT11-Jun-2011
EOSS-164YesSGC Demosat28-May-2011
EOSS-163YesSGC Demosats and Balloon Sats16-Apr-2011
EOSS-161/162YesSGC Demosats and Balloon Sats02-Apr-2011
EOSS-159/160YesNOAA AirCore, EOSS Fun Flight12-Mar-2011


Flight DesignationAnsNotesDate
EOSS-157/158YesCU SGC, Metro Gateway06-Nov-2010
EOSS-156YesNOAA AirCore16-Oct-2010
EOSS-155YesCU SGC31-Jul-2010
EOSS-154YesGPSL 2010, Hutchinson, KS24-Jul-2010
EOSS-153YesCU SGC Upward Bound10-Jul-2010
EOSS-151/152YesCU SGC12-Jun-2010
EOSS-150YesCU Demosat, Balloon Sats by Metro State10-Apr-2010
EOSS-149YesDemosats by ACCESS16-Jan-2010


Flight DesignationAnsNotesDate
EOSS-147/148YesBalloon Sats by CU and Demo Sats by Metro State07-Nov-2009
EOSS-146YesDF Contest Flight26-Sep-2009
EOSS-145YesDemosats by CSU-Ft. Lewis and CSU-Ft. Collins01-Aug-2009
EOSS-144YesGPSL 2009 Topeka, KS11-Jul-2009
EOSS-142/143YesUpward Bound and Access11-Jul-2009
EOSS-140/141YesCU AFRL Shot I flight13-Jun-2009
EOSS-138/139YesNOAA AirCore and Lockheed Martin Explorers09-May-2009
EOSS-136/137YesCU RocketSat AirCore, CU Demosats11-Apr-2009
EOSS-135YesEOSS Fun and CU SGC28-Feb-2009


Flight DesignationAnsNotesDate
EOSS-133/134YesCU SGC flight15-Nov-2008
EOSS-132YesBoy Scouts, Crow Valley Rec Area04-Oct-2008
EOSS-131YesGPSL 2008, Liberty City, MO02-Aug-2008
EOSS-130YesCU Demo Sats26-Jul-2008
EOSS-128/129YesCU SHOT14-Jun-2008
EOSS-127YesCU Demo Sats20-Apr-2008
EOSS-126YesCU Balloon Sats and EOSS "fun flight"23-Feb-2008


Flight DesignationAnsNotesDate
EOSS-124/125YesCU Atmospheric Bacteriological Sampler10-Nov-2007
EOSS-122/123YesCU Atmospheric Bacteriological Sampler and NOAA AirCore� atmospheric sampler27-Oct-2007
EOSS-121YesCU Space Grant Consortium04-Aug-2007
EOSS-120YesCU Upward Bound21-Jul-2007
EOSS-119YesGPSL 200707-Jul-2007
EOSS-118YesCU SHOT16-Jun-2007
EOSS-116/117YesCU Peregrine test, demosats15-Apr-2007
EOSS-115YesUniversity of Kentucky Big Blue 517-Mar-2007
EOSS-114YesEOSS mid-winter and CU Peregrine test04-Mar-2007


Flight DesignationAnsNotesDate
EOSS-113YesCU Gateways11-Nov-2006
EOSS-113xYesJOTA (Scouting's Jamboree On The Air) Cancelled due to WX21-Oct-2006
EOSS-112YesNOAA AirCore� atmospheric sampler01-Oct-2006
EOSS-111YesGPSL 200605-Aug-2006
EOSS-109/110YesCU Demosats29-Jul-2006
EOSS-107/108YesUpward Bound & Space Grant Workshop15-Jul-2006
EOSS-105/106YesAir Force SHOT 417-Jun-2006
EOSS-103/104YesCU Demosats and Gateways22-Apr-2006
EOSS-102YesNOAA AirCore� atmospheric sampler08-Apr-2006
EOSS-101YesEOSS mid-winter fun flight. Testing some new hardware25-Feb-2006


Flight DesignationAnsNotesDate
EOSS-100YesCU DemoSats. EOSS's 100th flight on our 15th anniversary12-Nov-2005
EOSS-098/099YesEOSS Altitude attempt22-Oct-2005
EOSS-096/097YesColorado Space Grant Demo Sats30-Jul-2005
EOSS-093/094/095YesCU Upward Bound Program, CSU SGC StudentSat 4 Workshop16-Jul-2005
EOSS-092YesGPSL 200502-Jul-2005
EOSS-091YesUSAFRL SHOT 311-Jun-2005
EOSS-090YesUniversity of Kentucky Big Blue 330-Apr-2005
EOSS-089YesCU C-Smarts16-Apr-2005
EOSS-088YesCU Gateways16-Apr-2005
EOSS-087YesEOSS Mid winter 2005 "fun flight"26-Feb-2005


Flight DesignationAnsNotesDate
EOSS-086YesColorado State University at Pueblo12-Dec-2004
EOSS-085YesJOTA (Scouting's Jamboree On The Air)16-Oct-2004
EOSS-084YesNOAA Gains Test18-Sep-2004
EOSS-083YesCU demosat program two balloons, heavy launch.07-Aug-2004
EOSS-082YesCU demosat program two balloons, heavy launch.07-Aug-2004
EOSS-081YesCU/Upward Bound Balloon Sat Launch18-Jul-2004
EOSS-080YesGreat Plains Super Launch (GPSL 2004)03-Jul-2004
EOSS-079aYesNASA Space Grant BalloonSat Workshop (EOSS operated)19-Jun-2004
EOSS-079bYesNASA Space Grant BalloonSat Workshop (Montana State University operated)19-Jun-2004
EOSS-077/078YesMontana State University, University of Hawaii, US Air Force, Space Grant Consortium flights06-Jun-2004
EOSS-076YesUniversity of Kentucky's Big Blue II01-May-2004
EOSS-075YesCU and Lockheed Martin Explorers (gps failed soon after liftoff)17-Apr-2004
EOSS-074AYesEOSS Systems test, new helium release valve22-Feb-2004


Flight DesignationAnsNotesDate
EOSS-074YesCheyenne, WY flight scrub17-Dec-2003
EOSS-073YesCU flight06-Dec-2003
EOSS-072YesJOTA (Scouting's Jamboree On The Air), xband18-Oct-2003
EOSS-070/071YesCU and NASA's Colorado Space Grant Colleges02-Aug-2003
EOSS-068/069YesCU USAF/ Upward Bound Students12-Jul-2003
EOSS-067YesGreat Plains Super Launch 200314-Jun-2003
EOSS-066YesUniversity of Kentucky Big Blue Glider03-May-2003
EOSS-065YesCU 6 Balloon Sats launched in high winds19-Apr-2003
EOSS-064YesNOAA GAINS flight successful30-Mar-2003
EOSS-063YesATV de-spin antenna25-Jan-2003


Flight DesignationAnsNotesDate
EOSS-061/062YesTwo balloon flight for CU balloon sats16-Nov-2002
EOSS-060YesJOTA (Scouting's Jamboree On The Air) x-band19-Oct-2002
EOSS-059YesNOAA Gains Flight (two launches??? three touchdowns???)17-Aug-2002
EOSS-058YesGreat Plains Super Launch 200206-Jul-2002
EOSS-057YesSpace Grant Consortium 3 balloons22-Jun-2002
EOSS-056YesCU 6 balloon sats, U of Wyo 2 balloon sats21-Apr-2002
EOSS-055YesFox Hunt to Nebraska23-Mar-2002
EOSS-054YesEOSS/ANSR double digi experiment23-Feb-2002


Flight DesignationAnsNotesDate
EOSS-053YesCU, SGC, 9 Balloon Sats01-Dec-2001
EOSS-052NoBoy Scouts Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) Cross-Band20-Oct-2001
EOSS-051YesCU Cube-Sat flight, SGC, Civilian Space Exploration Team Test25-Aug-2001
EOSS-050No7th Mars Balloon Inflation Test21-Apr-2001
EOSS-049NoColorado University Cube-Sat Flight, SGC21-Apr-2001
EOSS-048Yes6th Mars Balloon Inflation Test01-Apr-2001
EOSS-047Yes5th Mars Balloon Inflation Test25-Feb-2001
EOSS-046Yes4th Mars Balloon Inflation Test14-Jan-2001


Flight DesignationAnsNotesDate
EOSS-045No10th Aniversary flight with CU's Cube Sat experiments, SGC19-Nov-2000
EOSS-044Yes3rd Mars Balloon Inflation Test01-Oct-2000
EOSS-043Yes2nd Mars Balloon Inflation Test26-Aug-2000
EOSS-043YesA Scrubbed and replaced (above) flight. Was supposed to be a UCCS flightscrubbed
EOSS-042YesMars Balloon Inflation test16-Jul-2000
EOSS-041YesUCCS telemetry flight18-Jun-2000
EOSS-040YesCU GPS Telemetry flight16-Apr-2000
EOSS-039YesThe Garmin Etrex Foxhunt 12-Mar-2000


Flight DesignationAnsNotesDate
EOSS-038YesUCCS Shuttle, maiden flight of EOSS KPC3 payload, W5VSI-11, now AE0SS-1124-Oct-1999


Flight DesignationAnsNotesDate
EOSS-037YesDemonstration Flight for Student Groups14-Nov-1998
EOSS-036YesTest of Bob-E box, APRS package and RMRL cross band repeater26-Sep-1998
EOSS-035NoHigh Altitude Test06-Jun-1998
EOSS-034YesSystems Test25-Apr-1998
EOSS-033NoSystems Test21-Mar-1998


Flight DesignationAnsNotesDate
EOSS-032YesUCCS Gas Capture Experiment and In flight Ozone Experiment06-Dec-1997
EOSS-031YesNo Recap20-Sep-1997
EOSS-030YesChris Koehler's Lockheed Martin Explorers group experiments. Fantastic Video Capture of Balloon Burst17-May-1997
EOSS-029NoCreighton Middle School w/ a UCCS ozonesonde.12-Apr-1997
EOSS-028YesNo Recap17-Nov-1996
EOSS-027YesEOSS Chaff Dispenser - an aid to the 10 GHZ contest.17-Aug-1996
EOSS-026YesAir Academy High School and University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Gas Capture and Ozone Experiments. This is an image rich page and will take a while to load.06-Apr-1996
EOSS-025YesAir Force Academy - Satellite Attitude Determination System Test, RMRL X-band repeater17-Mar-1996


Flight DesignationAnsNotesDate
EOSS-024YesCentral States VHF Demo Flight - 35mm camera test30-Jul-1995
EOSS-023YesAir Force Academy - Satellite Test21-May-1995
EOSS-022YesUniversity of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Inversion Layer and Ozone Experiments21-May-1995
EOSS-021YesFlight Qualification of Shuttle II04-Feb-1995
EOSS-020YesSHUTTLE II's Maiden Flight - Air Force Academy - Pressure Sensor Test03-Dec-1994
EOSS-019NoUniversity of Southern Colorado - Solar Intensity at Altitude22-Oct-1994
EOSS-018YesSpin Stabilization Experiment, NAVSYS Tiget27-Aug-1994
EOSS-017YesBARO Switch test, APRS test04-Jun-1994
EOSS-016YesRanum High School Ozone Experiment01-May-1994
EOSS-015NoCherry Creek High School Radiation Experiment05-Mar-1994
EOSS-014NoPublic demo at Colorado Springs Library16-Oct-1993
EOSS-013NoDemo at the EOSS Sponsored National Balloon Symposium at the Holiday Inn near DIA. Our signature photo flight.22-Aug-1993
EOSS-012NoColorado University, Boulder Differential GPS experiment02-May-1993
EOSS-011NoThe low altitude pass over Bowles Ave. Test of the Loran-C system04-Apr-1993
EOSS-010NoUniversity of Southern Colorado at Pueblo demonstration06-Feb-1993


Flight DesignationAnsNotesDate
EOSS-009NoLongs Peak Middle School, Longmont, CO - Tracking and plotting exercise for students30-Oct-1992
EOSS-008NoColorado State Fair IAAS Spin Control (2nd flight)29-Aug-1992
EOSS-007NoRMRL Crossband Repeater08-Jul-1992
EOSS-006NoHumble Telescope II30-May-1992
EOSS-005NoIAAS Spin Control (1st Flight), VOR experiment11-Apr-1992
EOSS-004NoHumble Telescope I, ATV experiment04-Jan-1992
EOSS-003NoControlled Release Experiment, W6ORE controller test29-Sep-1991
EOSS-002NoATV, 35mm photo experiments11-Mar-1991

1990 EOSS Debut

Flight DesignationAnsNotesDate
EOSS-001NoReally WVN-1, the first amateur radio controlled balloon flight in Colorado (in a decade or so) ATV, 10 meter beacon18-Nov-1990



SGC = Nasa Space Grant Consortium

Most telemetry files are linked from their associated Flight Recap pages. However, I used to place all telemetry into a zip file for flights preceding EOSS-063. You can see which of these flights had telemetry files and download them by following the menu link to the left to the "Telemetry Files".

The "Telemetry Graphs" link just shows a typical flight's telemetry. Just about all our flights will generate the same telemetry. Naturally there will be minor variations due to season, and other factors, but this one page gives a pretty fair overview of what is happening up above our heads.