Balloon Track is "Finished"

Balloon Track is now out of development. No further bug fixes or modifications will be made and no future versions will be forthcoming. It is still a useful program and so I'll leave this website up for reference and the availability of the final version of the program.

Current Version 1.9.4

Balloon Track for Windows Manual

Current as of Program Version 1.8.2 (May 2, 2003)

I've written a manual that should be of assistance to new users of the program. It does NOT cover advanced concepts, just outlines how a new user should approach the program for the first time.

The manual covers just about every button and menu command you can select.

Comments and suggestions about the manual are welcome.

Starting with Version 1.6.5 the program is being compiled using Visual Basic Version 6 Service Pack 5. If you are upgrading from a version prior to 1.6.5 then you need to download the full installation file and get the new runtime files. A link to the runtime files is provided below. 

If you are upgrading from any version prior to 1.8.1 then you must download the full installation file.

Version 1.8.1 includes new modules. If you have downloaded the VB runtime files below, but have not downloaded version 1.8.1 or later of the full installation, you need to do a full install in order to obtain these new modules. For instance, you've downloaded the full install of Version 1.8.0. You've downloaded the VB runtime files. Now you want to upgrade by downloading the Lite version of 1.8.1. Some functions will not work because you didn't download the full installation of 1.8.1 or later.

Download (~ 2.4 MB)

This is the FULL installation file. It contains the minimum number of files to install and run Balloon Track for Windows properly on your machine. That is, providing you already have Visual Basic V 6.0 Service Pack 5 runtime files (see below).

Download this ZIP file to any location. Extract the files and run Setup.exe and it installs the program.

By default the install routines will install Balloon Track for Windows in the "c:\Program Files\Balloon Track" subdirectory (you can select a different directory if you wish) and install a couple of activeX modules (.OCX) to the windows system directory. If you want to be rid of Balloon Track, go to Start/Settings/Control Panel/Add,Remove Programs and click on Balloon Track for Windows to remove the program. If prompted about leaving shared files on your machine, I'd recommend you leave them. They may be used by other VB programs you have. They might also be related to some IE 4.0 component. They don't take up too much space, and you will probably need them for some future program you download. ALL Balloon Track specific files will be removed.

"Lite" and Beta Versions

You must have a full installation before you can download and use the Lite or Beta versions. If you have installed the full version previously then download the lite or beta, unzip it and move it into the folder where Balloon Track is installed overwriting the previous version of the program.

Download (701 KBytes)
Version 1.8.1 contained new elements and requires a full download. If you have downloaded the full installation of 1.8.1 or later then you may download this "lite" file. Only the executable is included.

Visual Basic Run Time Files
If you don't have the Visual Basic V 6.0 runtime files then download a copy of Vbrun60sp5.exe


Older version

Download (~358 KB)

Beta Versions

Download (~ 830 KB)

Beta's require the same foundation files as the files above. See the Version page for info on what new bugs have been killed and what new features have been added.