EOSS-307 NDIA STEM Flight - Recap

EOSS 307 was launched as a 3000g balloon from Deer Trail Colorado at 0730 March 20th, and all payloads were recovered approximately 2.5 miles north of Wiladel Colorado. Achieved a maximum altitude of 104,809 Ft at burst. The Photo below was taken just prior to burst.

Flight Recap: EOSS-304/305 COSGC Demosats & BUFFS and CU-Boulder Space Minor BUFFS

EOSS-304 was launched at 0645 on 11/7/20 from Wiggins, CO with 21 Payloads from the CU Buffs Space minor.  All Payloads and beacons were recovered south of Peetz, CO at 41.01153, -103.06078.  Maximum altitude acheived was 89,650 ft.

EOSS-303 MSU Intro to Space - Recap

A single 3000g balloon was launched from Wiggins on Sunday 11/01/2020 after a one-day delay because of strong ground winds. The balloon burst at 100,200 ft and landed near Cope, Colorado.

mileage link for 2020 flights is here

EOSS-302 NDIA STEM Flight - Recap

The balloon was launched at 0819 and reached an altitude of 110,331 ft MSL at  09:41 when  the balloon burst It was recovered near Karval, Colorado at GPS Coordinates:38.77888, -103.39334

mileage link for 2020 flights is here 

CANCELED: MSU Intro to Space (Spring semester)

  • 3/17: CU-Boulder Gateway to Space has been canceled for this semester.
  • 3/22: Metro State University's Intro to Space has been canceled for this semester.

EOSS-301 COSGC Summer Flight - Recap

EOSS-301 launched as a single 3000g balloon from Deer Trail Colorado on August 1, 2020 for the University of Colorado Space Grant Consortium (UCSGC).  The balloon carried 8 student experiments to an altitude of 98,457 ft, and was recovered south of Calhan Colorado.

EOSS-300 GPSL - Recap

A single 1500g balloon was launched on Saturday, July 11, 2020 from the Atlas Missile Silo site near Crow Valley (Briggsdale, Colorado) to flight qualify EOSS beacons and release units . This flight was in concert with the Great Plains Superlaunch virutal group launch.

EOSS-299 NOAA Aircore Glider Test - Recap

This flight was flown in honor of EOSS founding member Rick von Glahn, NØKKZ(SK). The flight beacons indicated, "In Memory NØKKZ(SK)EOSS Ultimate Prognosticator" throughout the flight.

A 3000g balloon was launched from Deer Trail on Saturday May 30 at 0632 MDT carrying an glider experiment for NOAA Boulder. As planned, the balloon was cut down at 93,396 feet and landed at 0818.

2020 Mileage reimbursement.

Members, please open this page to find a link to mileage reimbursement for flights flown in 2020.


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