EOSS-335 NDIA-Sponsored Student STEM Launch - Recap

A single 3000g balloon was launched at 7:00am MDT from Deer Trail Colorado on Sunday March 26, 2023. The balloon carried over 300 student experiments collected into two payloads sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the National Defense Industrial Association. The balloon reached an altitude of 104,416 feet. The balloon landed 4.3 miles northeast of Arickaree Colorado.The balloon was recovered after a 0.5 mile hike into a dormant field.

EOSS-332/333/334 Evergreen HS, Golden HS, & Westminster HS - Recap

Three exempt (small) balloons were launched from Deer Trail, Colorado on Saturday, January 14, 2023. The balloons landed near Cope, Colorado.

EOSS-331 COSGC Fall Launch - Recap

A single balloon was launched on Saturday, November 5, 2022 at approximately 7:28am MDT.

EOSS-330 Metro State University - Intro to Space - Recap

EOSS-330 was launched as a single heavy balloon with Metro State University student payload experiments from Deer Trail Colorado on 10/29/2022 at 7:48 am.  It burst at a maximum altitude  of 101, 899 feet.  All EOSS and Metro State University payloads were recovered northwest of Lindon, Colorado at an elevation of 4,739  and Lattitude, Longitude of 39.804771,-103.449939.  



EOSS-329 was launched on 10/15/22 at 0800 from Deer Trail, Colorado (39.608237, -104.041984).  It reached a burst altitude of 93,0720 Ft.  All payloads were recovered approximately 8 miles NW of Flagler, Colorado (39.41828, -103.10803)  

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EOSS-326/327/328 COSGC & Ball Aerospace BIRST Flights - Recap

The Colorado Space Grant Colleges Summer Launch and the Ball Aerospace BIRST flights were launched as 3 exempt balloons from Genoa Colorado and were recovered south of Hugo, Colorado.

EOSS-326 was launched at 0703 MST and reached a maximum altitude of 91,899 ft

EOSS-327 was launched at 0715 MST and reached a maximum altitude of 91,544 ft

EOSS-328 was launched at  0739 MST and reached a maximum altitude of 88,718 ft

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Metro State University - Senior Design Project

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EOSS-325 Metro State University - Intro to Space - Recap

A single 1500g balloon was launched on Sunday April 24, 2022 following a ground-wind launch scrub on the previous day. The balloon carried payloads from Metro State University Denver's Introduction to Space class. The balloon was launched at 0700 MDT and gained an altitude of 93,838 ft. The balloon landed at 0909 MDT a mile south of Lindon, Colorado on Highway 36 east of Last Chance, Colorado.

EOSS-322 NDIA Student STEM, EOSS-323 Littleton Public Schools, & EOSS-324 Gateway to Space Flights - Recap


Three exempt 1500g balloons were launched from Deer Trail, Colorado on Saturday April 9, 2022.


EOSS-321 COSGC Spring Launch - Recap

EOSS-321 was launched on April 2, 2022 with payloads from Colorado Space Grant Consortium Colleges on a single 3000 gram balloon from Deer Trail Colorado at 0719 MDT 4/2/2022.  The balloon reached an altitude of 95,077 feet before bursting at 0825 MDT .  The flight string landed at at 0858 MDT.  All payloads were recovered southeast of Genoa, Colorado at 39° 15.99', -103° 27.11'.

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