The FAA Waiver or Authorization

EOSS often flies payloads that require a Certificate of Waiver or Authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration to remain in compliance with the rules and regulations of the FAA.

Why Read the Waiver?

The FAA issues this waiver expecting EOSS to comply with the specifications outlined by this document. All individuals involved in flight operations are expected to be aware of the provisions of the waiver and this is EXPLICITLY stated in paragraph six (6) of the "Special Provisions" section of the waiver on page two of the document.

Read over the document. Take special note of any provisions that impact your involvement with the launch. Print out a copy for your own use if you wish although one of the leads (ground station or launch) should have a copy with them at the launch site.

EOSS has an excellent relationship with the Federal Aviation Administration and we want to keep it that way. Your knowledge of the special provisions within the waiver will help us all maintain compliance with the FAA's requirements for flight. If you see something that seems "out of compliance" speak with a team lead and voice your observations. You may be helping us avoid an awkward situation and ensuring maximum flight safety.

Thanks and see you at the launching site.

2018 Waivers

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