Balloon Group Minutes 09/26/95

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EOSS net - 26 Sept. 1995
Net control Larry Cerney (N0STZ)

N0STZ - Preston Prunty has a successful rocket launch at Hartsel, CO last weekend. The work of adapting the launch rail for the balloon and getting the ignition system ready is going well. There will be a practice rocket launch from a tethered balloon at 9 a.m., Sunday, October 8 at Eaglecrest High School. 

K0YUK (Merle McCaslin) - We got a Compaq computer at a good price. Will turn it over to the ground station to run APRS at the ground station. Members from the Clear Lake Amateur Radio Club near Houston and members of the North and South Texas balloon groups got a tour of the National Balloon Facility at Palastine, TX.  They fly balloons out of that facility that could lift the weight of two cars to 125 thousand feet. They use about $20,000 worth of helium in balloons of that size. Question for N0RQV (Ted Cline): Has there been much traffic on the high altitude balloon e-mail subscriber list?

Haven't received much mail from that list. 

N0RQV - That mailing list has been peaceful lately. Ted will forward his balloon mail to Merle so Merle can compare that with what he is getting. 

W5VSI (Mike Manes) - Gustavo, LW2DTZ, from Argentina will be in town from the first to third of Oct. We are planning to have a dinner with him on Monday, October 2nd. 

K0YUK - Gustavo is one of the foreign members of EOSS. 

Net Closed

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