Balloon Group Minutes 9/05/95

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EOSS Net - 5 Sept. 1995 
Net control Larry Cerney, N0STZ

call sign of person passing traffic is listed first, then the traffic. 

N0STZ - Made contact with Preston Prunty. Will have a meeting with him on 
Friday evening to discuss the rocket flight. All are invited to attend. 

N0RQV (Ted Cline) - There is a high altitude ballooning e-mail list out of Salt Lake City. If you give them your address, they will broadcast incoming messages to you. There are two addresses associated with this mailing list - the first is for administrative messages, the second is for actual high altitude ballooning traffic. To subscribe send e-mail with the word "subscribe" in the subject line to: You will get a reply letter which will give you more info about the mail list, including the address to which to send actual balloon traffic. There is no need to send your own e-mail address along in your initial subscription request because your address will be picked off your message. 

N0STZ - Larry was down in Dallas and made contact with Doug Howard, who is part of the North Texas Balloon Group. They talked about coordinating balloon launches between our groups, with each group flying a repeater on complementary input/output frequencies so that a person in Colorado could talk with someone "deep in the heart of Texas". It may take another balloon in the wherabouts of the Okla. panhandle to make that possible. A probable time for this flight would be early to mid 1996. Zero-pressure balloons would be necessary, because we would want the balloons to float at altitude indefinitely (or until cut down). There may be some educational money from NASA available to try something like this. There will probably be some more discussion of this via e-mail. 

N0KKZ (Rick Von Glahn)  - The EOSS homepage was down for a few days after some billing confusion. It was restored, then gone, but now it is back. The Stratosphere has been mailed. 

W5VSI (Mike Manes) - Do you have e-mail information for the N. Texas Balloon group?

N0STZ - No notes here, will get the info to you. 

WD0E (Jim White) - The address for Larry Howard of the N. Texas Balloon Group is: His call is KG5OA.

N0RQV - What is the status of the 2nd. Saturday foxhunts?

W5VSI - The foxhunts on the 2nd. Sun. of the month are still on the summer schedule (5 pm). You can reach WB4ETT Sunday mornings on 39.28 MHz.  

K0YUK (Merle McCaslin) - Doug Howard is an EOSS member. The linked balloon repeater project sounds interesting. Where is the Friday eve. meeting with Preston?

N0STZ - The meeting place is still undecided, but will probably be somewhere on Hampden, because both Preston and I live near Hampden. More info will be forthcoming. 

N0UVR - Will there be a foxhunt this Sunday?

N0STZ - Not sure. 

Net Closed 

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