Balloon Group Minutes 07/25/95

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EOSS net - 25 July 1995 - 147.225 repeater

Net called by N0STZ (Larry Cerney) 

Person passing traffic listed first, then the traffic.

N0SIS (Andy Kellett) - The EOSS ATV downconverter is on the fritz, was it Marty , WA0GEH, that leant the ATV converter at the last launch?

WA0GEH (Marty Griffen) - Nope, it wasn't me. 

K0ELM (Greg Burnett) - The launch is still scheduled for 9 am on Sunday the 30th, and the fox hunters should hitting the road at 7 am. Fox hunters should meet on 448.430, but someone will be listening to 146.64 as well. We expect four or five rookie hunters at this flight. The pre-flight tracking and recovery meeting for this flight will be on air on the 147.225 repeater Saturday night at 8 pm. There will be an on-air training session for fox hunters at 7pm Saturday night. Can WB4ETT (Bob Ragain) meet me on 147.225 at 6:30 to plan the training session?

WB4ETT (Bob Ragain) - Yes.

K0ELM - N0PCZ (Lonnie Jamison) will get the winds aloft and a touchdown prediction on Saturday night. KB0JYO (Mike Doherty) will give winds aloft data on Thursday and Friday. 

K0YUK (Merle McCaslin) - Has N0SIS notified all the necessary FAA people of the launch?

N0SIS - No, I didn't know I was to have that job agin. I'll fax everyone tonight.

AA0P (Jack Crabtree) - The Navsys facility will be open on Sunday morning for our use. N0RQV (Ted Cline), will you be conducting the net on the crossband repeater?

N0RQV - Yes.

AA0P - Be sure you conduct it away from the ground station to prevent desense problems. You will need packet so you can report altitudes, etc. The flight announcement has been put out on VHF sideband nets, so we expect a lot of participation from the Central States VHF Society members. Is there someone who could bring refreshments for the people who will be at the ground station? The payload looks good.  Can WB4ETT get me the crossband repeater before Thusday night?

WB4ETT - No problem.

N0STZ (Larry Cerney) - Can you give us a frequency run down?

AA0P - Packet will be on 144.34 MHz, ATV will be on 426.25 MHz, the crossband repeater will operate on 446.00 up and 147.55 MHz down. N0RQV will control the semi-formal net on the crossband repeater. 

N0STZ - Will we be using a pressurized or non-pressurized balloon. Do we expect our standard 1.5 hour up and 45 minute down flight?

K0YUK - We will fly a 1200 gram rubber balloon. We expect the the standard flight up and down times. 

N0KKZ (Rick Von Glahn) - Hank Riley from Massachusetts has put out bulletins on the flight on the Internet. 

The Stratosphere newsletter needs articles. 

If the balloon was launched tonight, it would travel 38 miles at a bearing of 191 degrees, which would take it over Colorado Springs and then Security, not good. 

WA0GEH - Will there be an HF station?

AA0P - No one with a big HF station volunteered. We need somone at the ground station to dedicate themselves to getting information to the foxhunters. 

KB0BMU (Chip Bisbee) - I will do it, but I only have an HT on 70 cm.

N0SIS - With a good antenna that should be enough. I will bring a good antenna. 

N0MYY (Jerry Cassidy) - I have announced the flight on eight nets and got a lot of interest. 

W0NFW (George) - When is the VHF SSB net? 

AA0P - The 144.220 net was last night at 8:00 pm. The 432.100 net is Thursday at 8:00 pm. 

Net Closed

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