Balloon Group Minutes 06/27/95

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EOSS - On-Air Meeting - 27 June 1995

Net called at 8:00 pm MDT by Larry Cerney (N0STZ)

Person passing traffic is listed first, then their traffic.

Merle McCaslin (K0YUK) - The next flight is scheduled for the 30th. Jack got approval from Navsys to launch from their facility. This launch will be for the Central States VHF Society meeting.  The NASA space shuttle was launched today.

Rick Von Glahn (N0KKZ) - The EOSS homepage has been "hit" about 110 times since June 12th. Stratosphere needs articles! There are not enough to publish a Staosphere right now, so if you were thinking of writing something, do it now! The flight announcement for the July 30th flight has been added to the EOSS homepage.

Andy Kellett (N0SIS) - Are any of the ATV repeaters in town relaying the NASA Shuttle video?

Merle (K0YUK) - Not sure, CNN will probably cover it. WA1JHK and W6ORE have the capability, but you would have to talk to them to convince them to relay it. Merle asks Mike Manes (W5VSI) to give an update on his projects.

Mike Manes (W5VSI) - Not much done since last week. The receiver is working at better than 1 microvolt RF input for clean DTMF decoding.  The Sunraycers [solar powered vehicle competion among several universities, ed.] will come to town tommorrow. They will stop at Hinkley High School tommorrow and then Thursday morning they will go from Hinkley down Parker Rd. to 470, then up to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden for the finish. I will help with communications as the race goes through Anton, Colo. The racers are coming into Colorado on US highway 36, then down to Byers, and then to Hinkley High. They should be on the toll section of 470 (E-470) from 10:30 to 11:30 am on Thursday.

Rick (N0KKZ) - I will give elements for the shuttle to anyone who is interested after the net.  [Rick posted the elements in the EOSS download area on File Bank, ed.]

Net Closed

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