Balloon Group Minutes 06/20/95

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Edge of Space Sciences - On-Air Meeting - 20 June 1995

Net Called by Larry Cerney (N0STZ)

Person passing traffic comes first, then the traffic.

Merle McCaslin (K0YUK) - Merle received more video of the EOSS 22 launch from Dr. Fosha of UCCS. This video gives a good side view of the launch. Merle confirms that EOSS is scheduled for a launch for the Central States VHF Society on July 30.

Rick Von Glahn (N0KKZ) - Rick says the deadline for Stratosphere submissions has past, but there are still not enough articles for a complete edition, so please submit something soon.  The EOSS homepage has received 70 hits over the last eight days. Rick received a message from overseas (probably Germany, judging by the name of the person who sent the message).

Sparky Ullmer (KA0DPC) - Sparky will be out of town for the launch on July 30th, so someone else will need to operate the HF station for that launch. 

Mike Manes (W5VSI) - Mike reports an article in QST saying there will be an amateur balloon launch out of New York state at 9:00 am (MDT), Sunday, July 9th. There will be a 40m voice net starting at 8:30 MDT on 7290 kHz. Their balloon will carry ATV and a 2m beacon. Mike reports that he received a call from Preston Pruty, who has proposed launching a rocket from a balloon in a future flight. Preston has come up with a scheme to launch the balloon without puncturing the balloon. Mike reports that Preston plans to launch the balloon from a guide wire using three rocket engines launched out of order. Two inboard engines would fire first, imparting uneven thrust and deviating the rocket by the 10 degrees needed to avoid the balloon. The remaining engine would then be fired. After the first two engines burn out, the remaining engine continues to fire for a short while, correcting the original 10 degree deviation. Mike says he got the crystals necessary to convert the paging receivers to 2m. Both the receivers worked right on frequency with the new crystals.

Andy Kellett (N0SIS) - What organization is having Greg Burnett (K0ELM) and George Reidmuller (N0NJM) for a RDF seminar in July?

George Reidmuller (N0NJM) - George said he would get that information to Andy when he gets home. [It turned out to be the Pike's Peak FM Association ed.]

Net Closed

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