Balloon Group Minutes 06/13/95

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Monthly EOSS Meeting - 13 June 1995

Hewlett-Packard facilities at 24 E. Inverness Dr., Englewood, Colo.

15 people present, including all officers

Minutes read

Treasurer's Report - Chip Bisbee

Savings: $1002.98
Checking: $1853.48
Total: $2856.46

Tom Isenberg says that File Bank public postings are being quickly erased. Tom says he will talk to the sys-ops about restoring the long post times EOSS enjoyed before.

$240 dollars were paid for Helium in May

There are 148 members on the roster, 78 are current on dues.

Bank One did not make a mistake in crediting interest on the EOSS savings account, as reported at last months meeting. Interest is credited quarterly.

Larry Cerney is working on updating the EOSS inventory.

Education Report - (by "sometimes education liaison" Tom Isenberg)

Tom says he hopes to have educational projects for the coming Fall. Tom says teachers have not been doing more with EOSS projects because they are used-to having pre-prepared lesson plans. Tom recommends producing a few canned projects that teachers can easily run through.

Jack Crabtree says at one time EOSS was working on a workbook.

Marty pointed out that Melissa from UCCS has produced some very good lessonplans revolving around balloon flights.

Technical Committee Report - Mike Manes

Mike showed off the paging receiver he is working on for various EOSS receiving tasks. He says it uses 1.5 V at 3 mA and is as sensitive as an HT with a rubber duck. Mike says he hopes to incorporate it in a cutdown mechanism and in a command receiver for a free flying ATV module.

Jack Crabtree reports that a flux gate compass with 2 degree accuracy and 1 degree resolution for is available for $49.00 from ???? [sorry, I didn't catch what catalog this deal is in, I'll supply a fill in an upcoming set of minutes, ed.]

Bob Ragain reports that AEA now offers a packet controller with a NMEA connector.

Rick Von Glahn says that the 35 mm camera is missing.

Jack Crabtree says he wants someone to take on a project to make a commandable or timed exposure camera set-up. Rick Von Glahn volunteered to find a suitable camera.

Tracking and Recovery report - Greg Burnett

Greg welcomes Chris (KB0MMV) and Dave (N0UVR), who have come up from Colorado Springs.

Greg says he and George Reidmuller will give a basic tracking and fox hunting seminar on July 12 for the Pikes Peak FM Association. They want to give a three-hour direction finding seminar on July 29th. The formal announcement of the seminar, along with details, will be made during an upcoming on-air meeting.

Greg reminds everyone that every 2nd Sunday of the month there is a fox hunt which begins about 5 pm during daylight savings time and is coordinated on the 145.22 MHz repeater.

Ground Station report - Rick Von Glahn

Rick wants someone to take over the ground station.

EOSS needs a new ATV receiver

Mike Manes reports that Sparky donated a portable computer. The display is bad past the 60th column, but is usable otherwise.

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs report - Jack Crabtree

Jack says UCCS tanks us and they will give their formal report at the July meeting.

Newsletter report - Rick Von Glahn

Rick says the APRS for MacIntosh article is on its way, but he needs more articles.

Rick has found a routine which will record the number of "hits" on the EOSS home page.

Jack Crabtree suggests someone be a packet bulletin manager to send out EOSS information via packet radio.

Jerry Cassidy volunteered to be packet bulletin manager.

Marty Tressel suggests EOSS send fax bulletins for flight PR and suggests EOSS have a big, loud HF station for both tracking and recovery support and for PR.

Marty also suggests doing as much work on 2m frequencies so as many people can hear as possible.

Discussion of what repeaters are available to EOSS.

Jack Crabtree recommends tracking and recovery stay on 440 MHz, but that there be a 2m net with a link to the 440 machine for PR.

Merle McCaslin urges members to execute the ideas brought up so far in the meeting.

New Business

Jack Crabtree proposes a flight in support of the Central States VHF Society. The flight would take place on July 30 at 9 am at the Navsys facility in Monument.

Jack proposes the flight be used to validate GPS firmware changes, some software changes, the wireless cutdown mechanism, and the 35 mm camera.

Jack says K5IS of the Central States VHF Society (the Society) is building a 6 m to 2 m SSB translator to be flown on the flight.

Jack proposes we fly the "RMRL" crossband repeater.

EOSS will get a $200 donation from the Society.

The conference will take place in a hotel in downtown Colorado Springs.

Marty Tressel moves that EOSS support the flight described above.

Greg Burnett seconds the motion.

The motion passes.

Jack brings up the point that EOSS will probably have to supply a Porta-Potty for the flight because ea lot of Society members plan on caravanning to the launch site.

Visitor Preston Prunty proposes launching a rocket during a flight. He says he would like to launch the rocket from an altitude of 85 to 100 thousand feet. He has built a rocket using an "I-motor", which generates 147 pounds of thrust. Launched at 100,000 feet, it would go as high as 150 or 160 thousand feet. He is working on a "super I-motor" which would propel a rocket over 200 thousand feet up.

Merle McCaslin asks if such a rocket would be within FAA rules.

Preston says a rocket has to weigh no more than 3.3 pounds to have amateur status. The I-motor uses less than 440 grams of fuel, which is below maximums for amateur status. Preston has launched an I-motor rocket from a balloon three or four years ago which weighed 2.75 pounds, was 40 inches tall and a diameter of 2.25 inches.

Jack Crabtree asks to see plan specifics and wants to know why a similar rocket/balloon launch a few years before was required to be done over water. 

Greg Burnett asks about Preston's mention of profit. Discussion of EOSS involvement with any for profit enterprises.

Jack Crabtree proposes we give Preston a vote of preliminary support, with more information forthcoming.

Greg Burnett seconds.

The motion passes (unanimous)

Meeting Adjourned.

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