Balloon Group Minutes 06/06/95

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EOSS - On the Air Mtg. - 6 June 1995

Net called by Mike Manes (W5VSI)

Next Tuesday (June 13) the monthly EOSS meeting will be held at the Hewlett-Packard facility at 24 E Inverness Dr. An informal meeting begins at 7:00 pm, and the formal meeting begins at 7:30 pm. Talk-in is on the 146.64 DRL repeater.

Person passing traffic is listed first, then the traffic.

Merle McCaslin (K0YUK) - The monthly meeting is next week. A video of EOSS 22/23 will be shown, but this will not be the final, official video. Question for W5VSI - How did the video look from the DSES dishes?

W5VSI - Not as good as we have seen from other flights. We are still seeing fogging on the color camera.

Jack Crabtree (AA0P) - Had a call from the Central States VHF Society. They are having their meeting from about July 27th to July 30th in Colorado Springs and would like to have a balloon launch as part of their meeting. Their meeting is downtown, so our lauch would have to be elsewhere, probably at Navsys. No new payloads are planned, but the VHF Society would like to see the cross band repeater flown again, and we could work on ATV. Also we could test thre software changes: 1. a change in how the controller handles GPS, 2. a change in the CW tone, and 3. a change in a voltage measurement done in the GPS module. Jack has challenged W5VSI to have his converted-pager cutdown mechnaism ready for the proposed flight. This flight is proposed for July 30th at no later than 9 am. The balloon would be a 1200g "popper".

W5VSI - Mike is working on making the ATV module free flying, which would relieve the shuttle of 3 lbs. The free flying ATV module would have two of its own Litium cells, while the shuttle will have three cell of its own. Command would still be on 144.29 or 144.34. Mike is also working on the wireless cutdown mechanism. Question for Andy Kellett (N0SIS) - How comes the transceiver project?

N0SIS - Nothing done since last update.

W5VSI - Question for Chip Bisbee (KA0BMU) - How is the transmitter coming?

KA0BMU - No real progress.

AA0P - We need to discuss the proposed flight at the next meeting. The cost of the balloon and gas will be taken care of by the Central States VHF Society.

Greg Burnett (K0ELM) - The proposed flight for July 30 should not be a problem. There is still no date for the transmitter hunting workshop. 

Rick Von Glahn (N0KKZ) - The Stratosphere is coming out this month and there are only two articles so far. Write something up and send it in.

W5VSI - Mike may write about the wireless cutdown device. Thanks to the Colorado Repeater Association for the use of the repeater.

Net closed

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