Balloon Group Minutes 05/31/95

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EOSS - On the Air Mtg. - 31 May 1995

Net called by Larry Cerney (N0STZ)

Net Traffic

Person passing traffic is listed first, then the traffic.

Jack Crabtree (AA0P) - Jack saw video taken by Dennis (N0EED), would like to see more for the EOSS 22/23 tape. Get your EOSS 22/23 video to Dennis, Merle or Jack.

Mike Manes (W5VSI) - Video taken at the Deep Space Exploration Society's (DSES) 60 ft dishes was better than the ground station video, but still not as good as the video they got from the Pueblo launch says Slate (N0TQN). Mike checked the EOSS downconverter against newer revisions of the same design, and the EOSS downconverter seems to be about 12 or 20 dB down from the newer converters. Thanks to Tim Armagost (WB0TUB) for putting up an ATV signal so the converter could be checked. We might have to buy another converter. The Motorola Metrex pager turns out to be a good receiver. Mike has tuned one down to the 2m band and is getting 10 dB SINAD at 1 uV input . Mike says these receivers might be useful for cutdown or command receivers. Mike found a cheap source of crystals for 2m.

N0STZ - How much does a new downconverter cost?

W5VSI - about $60.

Greg Burnett (K0ELM) - Thanks to all the tracking and recovery members for their work on EOSS 22/23. There is a workshop coming up on transmitter hunting, but no date is set yet. Every 2nd Sunday of the month there is a transmitter hunt. During the summer, the hunters meet west of Loretto Heights College at about 5 pm. Talk-in is on the 145.22 repeater.

Virginia Ham (N4YHI) - Visting from Virginia, thanks for use of the repeater.

Irv (K0PGU) - Question for N0RQV - Who do you contact for tables at the Loveland Hamfest?

N0RQV - I don't know leave me your phone number and I'll get you the info.

Andy Kellett (N0SIS) - Question for W5VSI - What is your source ofinexpensive crystals?

W5VSI - Peterson Radio in Castle Bluff, IA. They say they advertise in QST, but Mike couldn't find any ads.

Net closed

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