Balloon Group Minutes 05/23/95

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On the Air Net - 23 May 1995

Net called by Larry Cerney (N0STZ)

Larry reported that both EOSS-22 and EOSS-23 were successfully launched and recovered (EOSS-23 recovery consisted of recovery of both both the payload and the gas bag) on Sunday the 21st.


Person passing traffic is listed first, then the traffic.

Jack Crabtree (AA0P
) - The University of Colorado, Colo. Sprgs. package was returned to Dr. Fosha. Dr. Fosha says they will share their data. Jack talked to Dr. Gil Moore in Rush, Colo., and Dr. Moore gives his thanks to EOSS for their support. Jack was impressed with the crossband repeater. LORAN-C worked well this flight. Both shuttles were still in working condition when found; the only damage is a bent 2m antenna on Shuttle 1 (which flew on the US AFA flight (EOSS-23)). The bent antenna completely broke off later while bringing Shuttle 1 back. The crossband repeater and the beacon were still operating when found. Shuttle 2 landed right-side-up! The seperation system worked.

N0STZ - How much battery life was left in the crossband repeater?

Mike Manes (W5VSI) - There was probably plenty left because the repeater drew 0.25 amps, and a 2 Amp-hour battery was used.

Rick Von Glahn (N0KKZ) - Telemetry files are on Rick's computer. There are 8.5 hours of telemetry for EOSS-23, from startup to loss of signal. Altitude vs. time and ground track graphs have been posted on the EOSS world wide web home page, along with a flight recap and a picture of the satellite tested by US Air Force cadets.

Marty Griffen (WA0GEH) - Thanks to all the tracking and recovery members. The crossband repeater was enjoyed. Thanks to N0PCZ for running the triangulation program.

W5VSI - ATV was dissapointing for both flights. The video systems for both flights were completely seperate except for the receiving ATV antenna and preamp. The preamp checked out ok before the flight. Mike asked Slate (N0TQN) if he got good video at the 60 ft dishes up in Boulder. Slate said video was not good there either.

N0STZ - There were people from Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and maybe some other states on the cross band repeater. 

N0KKZ - Rick asked Ted Cline (N0RQV) to post the list of contacts made on the crossband repeater net so it can be added to the home page.

Merle McCaslin (K0YUK) - This was a fun flight. thanks to everyone. Norm 
Kjome was happy with the flight.

N0MMV - How heavy was EOSS-23?

AA0P - About 60 lbs.

K0YUK - Merle thought he heard it was about 70 lbs.

Net closed 8:29

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