Balloon Group Minutes 05/16/95

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On the Air Net May 16, 1995

Larry Cerney (N0STZ) called the net at 8:00 pm MDT

Net Traffic

Person passing traffic is listed first, then the traffic.

Merle McCaslin (K0YUK) - The launch will occur this Sun . The Air Force Academy flight is scheduled for 6 am, EOSS 22 is scheduled for 7 am. Gil Moore will provide a 24-foot truck for the ground station equipment. The shuttles are ready to go. Dr. Fosha says their package is ready to go.

Greg Burnett (K0ELM) - EOSS has permission to use 147.225 for the Saturday night tracking and recovery net at 8 pm. Permission is pending for use of the 448.45 repeater for use in Sunday's tracking and recovery efforts.

Rick Von Glahn (N0KKZ) - The ground station crew needs more people. The first meeting minutes (ever) for EOSS and various other meeting minutes are now available on the EOSS home page. Back issues of the Stratosphere are also in the process of being added to the home page.

Mike Manes (W5VSI) - Set up of the ground station will occur on Saturday, May 20th at about 3:00 pm. N0SIS and N0RQV will both bring a TV and VCR. 

Larry Cerney (N0STZ) - Will the ATV cameras on the two shuttles be on one-at-a-time?

W5VSI - The ground station will only be able to command one payload at a time. EOSS-22 will have packet on 144.29 MHz, a beacon on 147.520 MHz, and ATV on 439.25 MHz. EOSS-23 (the AFA flight) will have packet on 144.34 and ATV on 426.25. TV will be monitored one at a time. We want to minimize battery drain on EOSS-23, so the ATV transmitter on EOSS-23 will be off most of the time. Sparky (KA0DPC) will have an HF net on 7235 kHz starting at about 5:00 am MDT.

N0STZ - What will be the up and down frequencies for the crossband repeater on EOSS-23?

N0KKZ - People should transmit up on 446.000, and listen on 147.555. The downlink signal is always on and will act as a beacon for EOSS-23.

Marty Griffen (WA0GEH) - Will there be a ten-meter beacon, and will there still be 121.6 MHz beacons on  the balloons?

K0YUK - Norm Choamy would like to have the large balloon (the balloon for EOSS-23) picked up. There will be 121.6 MHz beacons on both the Norm Choamy's payload and the actual gas bag on EOSS-23.

WA0GEH - Tracking and recovery will use the 448.45 and cross-band repeaters for coordination on the day of the flight. Grids should be in the same place as the last launch attempt, so don't move them. Tracking and recovery is looking for new hunters, anyone interested? [nothing heard, ed.]  N0PCZ (Lonny) will run the "JZV" triangulation program from home for this flight.

K0ELM - There will be a direction finding/foxhunting workshop coming up. Greg had dinner with Paul Ternlund (WB3JZV) in Baltimore. Paul says hello and says he misses foxhunting with the EOSS crew.

W5VSI - A balloon group is starting in Las Cruces, NM. A ham at Rutgers University has written a balloon tracking program which takes GPS position data during the flight and continuously updates the predicted balloon landing site.

Don (WA9WWS) - Will run crossband repeater net, will bring ground station for that purpose.

Bob Ragain (WB4ETT) - Saturday the 20th there will be a practice for the American red cross Fat Tire Classic. Bob is looking for ham volunteers and people who can monitor and make phone calls when needed. 

Net closed at 8:35

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