Balloon Group Minutes 04/25/95

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EOSS On-the-Air Meeting

April 25, 1995

Unfortunately, I tuned into the net late (about half way through) so some information may be missing. However, I did get flight profiles for both EOSS-22 and the Air Force Academy flight from Rick (N0KKZ). I include slightly edited versions of those flight profiles here, along with that portion of the net for which I have notes. 73, Andy Kellett (N0SIS)

Dual Balloon Launch in Colorado Springs.

This Saturday EOSS and the United States Air Force Academy will each be launching a payload from the Parade Grounds at the Academy. (note: profiles were here. On the WWW Page you can find them under either current flight announcements or flight recaps.


Person passing traffic is listed, then the traffic

Rick Von Glahn (N0KKZ) - Flight profiles (pretty much as listed above). The ground station will be mostly set up the evening before the launch, but last minute tweaks before the launch will begin at 5 am.

Dr. Gil Moore (N7YTK) - The Air Force Cadets will evaluate an attitude control and solar charging system during their flight. The attitude control and solar charging package includes a solar panel, a battery to be tested, and a two-dimensional attitude control system. The attitude control system uses pressurized nitrogen jets and a magnetorquer to keep the solar panel pointed at the sun. The plan is to let the balloon reach float altitude and then to turn on the attitude control system. The nitrogen jets will be used at first, to overcome any sticking in the swivels attaching the package to the rest of the ballon train. Once the nitrogen jets have made their rough adjustments, then the magnetorquer will take over. Winds have been easterly at 40 kts, so the balloon is expected to head due East and reach the Colo/Kas border about four hours after launch. However, slower easterly winds are making their towards Colorado, so flight times could be longer.

Marty (WA7GEH) - If the Air Force Academy flight is brought down four hours after its launch, it will be coming down at about the same as EOSS-22, which would require splitting the foxhunter team into two groups. Dr. Moore replied that he will do whatever is necessary to accomodate the EOSS flight.

Larry (N0STZ) - Asked Dr. Moore if it will be possible to use the GPS information from the Air Force Academy flight to get winds aloft data for EOSS-22 flight prediction. Dr. Moore said GPS data will come from Norm Kjome's package. That GPS data comes down as a plain ASCII string, so it can not be read as packet telemetry.

WA7GEH - The foxhunter's pre-flight net will take place Friday at 8 pm on the Pikes Peak FM Association's 448.45 MHz repeater.

N0KKZ - A map in ASCII format is in the EOSS download area on FileBank. 

WA7GEH - A cadet will be at the gate starting at 4 am to make sure balloonatics can get onto Academy grounds. Be sure to bring a photo ID (a drivers license is fine) to get in.

Net closed at 9:03 pm.

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