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Preliminary Minutes of the EOSS Membership Meeting, April 12, 1994

Location: Hewlett-Packard Company, 24 Inverness Place East, Englewood, CO.

Minutes:  Ted Cline.

Merle McCaslin convened the meeting at 7:33 PM.  Board members present were President Merle McCaslin, Vice President Michael Doherty, Treasurer Greg Dewit, and Secretary Ted Cline.  Approximately 17 members present.

The minutes from the March meeting were read and accepted.

Greg Dewit gave the treasurer's report.  The treasurer's report was accepted.  Highlights of the treasurer's report:

  • Balance Forward     $ 2,015.54 (as of Mar  6, 1994)
  • Total after Income       2,374.54 (donations, dues, symp proc sales)
  • Total Expenses           -   270.00 (Batteries, Helium, photocopies, Edu Expo)
  •                                    ----------
  •   Balance                  $ 2,308.54 (as of Apr 12, 1994)

Old Business

Merle thanked Ted Cline, Chip Bisbee, and Michael Doherty for completing the annual audit on Apr-9-94.  The audit passed.  Greg Dewit begins as treasurer this month.  Merle presented 2 financial summaries; here are highlights:

Jan- 1-93 through Apr-12-94, Symposium only: 

  • Total Income   $ 3,641.40
  • Total Expenses - 2,418.46
  • -------------------------
  • Balance        $ 1,222.94

Mar- 1-93 through Mar-31-94: 

Total Income   $ 6,944.86

Total Expenses - 4,937.32


Balance        $ 2,007.54

Merle noted the education position is still open and waiting for a volunteer.

Committee Reports

Technical: Mike Manes said he received the Octagon processor (board?), and also received the battery-backed clock and RAM from Future Electronics.  Andy Kellett said the 2 meter command transceiver is coming along, hopefully ready for EOSS-17.  "Spin Doctor" Larry Cerney said the spin stabilization electronics are breadboarded, preparing for cold and wind tunnel tests, then headed for installation.

New Business

Jack Crabtree presented "Project Halo".  During the May-5-94 partial eclipse, Jack and other EOSS members will be Team number 8, and will measure ozone, radio propagation, visuals, and radiation near Roswell, NM.  Rick von Glahn motioned that EOSS approve Jack to borrow the EOSS controller and EOSS geiger counter for the project.  Membership seconded and passed the motion.

Jack displayed part of the Shuttle II package, and announced sale of eclipse glasses (May-10-94 eclipse will be about 85% in Denver). 

Merle noted that Bob Schellorn had added APRS (packet radio position plotting) to the shuttle software for use in EOSS-16.

Greg Burnett announced the tracking and recovery meeting, HP Friday, 4-15-94, 7pm.  Subjects to include APRS and UTM Grid coordinate system.

Merle reminded us the next meeting place (May-10-94) will be the Castlewood Public Library ("across from Pier One imports", "Arapahoe to Unita") with EARLIER TIMES: gather at 6:30pm, meeting begins at 7:00pm. HP may be available again in September 1994 after remodeling

Merle spoke of Apr-2-94 Longmont swapfest: got one more member.

Jack reviewed his "roadshows": 

  1. Pitch to Aerospace Explorer Scouts (Martin-Marietta is sponsor): trackers and plotters on a fall launch?
  2. Engineering Design Class EN-102, CU-Colorado Springs, 2-year plan, Ron Humble: proposals to students on their first day of class, instill balloon-based curriculum instead of rocket-based, first flight in Dec-95?

Andy Kellett gave EOSS-16 status: Thunder Ridge Middle School Apr-23-94 launch.  Ozone detector into auxiliary temp sensor input of shuttle, and normal outside shuttle temp sensor inside experiment package.  Jack expressed concern that all of experiment would not be ready for Apr-23-94 launch.  This lead to at least 2 motions (Paul Ternlund and Greg Dewit) that projects more closely follow EOSS Experimenter's Handbook guidelines to assure proper design checkpoints.  After much discussion, Greg Burnett motioned to table these motions and propose that wording be prepared for next meeting.

Merle announced the newsletter was delayed.  Jack motioned to gracefully ask for resignation of current newsletter editor and find an editor who would commit to a firm publishing schedule.  Motion seconded and passed.

Merle provided handout of Preliminary Activity Schedule, including:

  • Sat-Apr-23-94 9:00am Thunder Ridge   Balloon launch (Ranum H.S.)
  • Sat-Apr-30-94                        Alternate launch date
  • Tue-May-10-94                        General Meeting
  • Sat-Jun- 4-94                        Possible balloon flight
  • Tue-Jun-14-94                        General Meeting
  • Tue-Jul-12-94                        General Meeting
  • S/S-Jul-30/31-94     Des Moines, IA  Balloon Symposium
  • Tue-Aug- 9-94                        General Meeting
  • Tue-Sep-13-94                        General Meeting

Jack proposed Shuttle #1 and Shuttle II on June 4 flight (maybe semi-commercial sponsor?).

Merle gave his list of possible futures, including color camera, trailer, APRS, student scholarship, improve out-of-state communication.

Rick von Glahn gave internet report: proposed either a newsgroup, an alt newsgroup, or an email list.  Membership preferred email list.  Now looking for volunteer moderator. 

Meeting broke at 9:02 for a short video by Jim White of his Tiger cruise aboard USS Independence and EOSS presentation at Annual Japan AMSAT Symposium, Tokyo.

Jack presented Pete Sias's SSOK (Kansas) balloon flight history video: 

  • Feb-1-92 SSOK #1 (launched right over lake!)
  • Nov-29-92 SSOK #2
  • Jan-24-93 SSOK #3 (WB0DRL)
  • Oct-17-93 SSOK #3.5, SSOK #4 (video + GPS, great burst video!), and EOSS-15 burst video received in Kansas.

Paul Ternlund spoke of a free Trimble GPS booklet by calling 408-481-8000, and of Mar-27-94 Colorado People Section of Rocky Mountain News Sunday Magazine article on CU's Elaine Hansen describing NASA Science Mission on Arian rocket to 135K feet in 2 minute flight.

Jack spoke of "huge balloon" launch in about 3 weeks by South Dakota School of Mines, Rapid City.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:42 PM.

End of minutes.


These are preliminary minutes.  Send corrections/comments to Ted Cline, N0RQV (303-493-1136 or send internet email:

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