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Minutes of the EOSS Membership Meeting, February 8, 1994

Location: Hewlett-Packard Company, 24 Inverness Place East, Englewood, CO.

Minutes: Ted Cline.

Jack Crabtree convened the meeting at 7:30 PM.  Board members present were President Jack Crabtree, Vice President Jim Libhart, Treasurer Merle McCaslin, and Secretary Ted Cline.

This was the first meeting in HP (Mt Massive room) and the membership decided to meet again in HP for the March meeting (no smoking anywhere in building).

Jack reminded the membership of the EOSS Night Out celebration, Feb-19-94, 6:30pm, and of the Tracking + Recovery meeting on Feb-18-94 at 7pm.

Ted Cline reviewed the January membership meeting.

Merle McCaslin presented the treasurer's report.  The treasurer's report was accepted.  This month's highlights:

  • Balance Forward     $ 1,855.00 (as of Jan 11, 1994)
  • Total after Income       2,270.00 (after donations, dues, and proceedings sale)
  • Total Expenses          -   205.05 (Expo table, GPS antenna, postage)
  •                                  ----------
  • Balance                    $ 2,064.95 (as of Feb  8, 1994)

Jack announced 4 donations: Dave Clingerman for the GPS Wheel antenna and for $90 to cover the March Education Expo., John Burkstrom for $75 for the Flat GPS antenna, and another $90 donation.

Committee Reports

Tom Isenberg spoke of plans for the March 11-13, 1994 Channel 4 Education Expo with a launch from southeast of Aurora near Smokey Hill Road and Pickadilly on Saturday 2-26-94, with a backup flight day of Saturday 3-5-94.  Mike Manes presented a technical review of the Geiger counter experiment's circuit.  Larry Ludwig has suggested the background radiation would less than 3 times the ground ambient.  The membership voted and approved a flight for one of the proposed days.

Tom Isenberg described our Education Expo booth to be number 808 and closer to the front door than last year.  Additional costs will be for Helium, balloon, hall electricity, and printing.  George Riedmuller will schedule booth duty.  Larry Cerney will setup the booth.

Elections were held with no additional nominations.  The newly-elected officers: 

  • Merle McCaslin is President
  • Mike Doherty is Vice President
  • Greg Dewit is Treasurer
  •  Ted Cline is Secretary.

The membership thanked the outgoing officers.

Tom Isenberg expressed his intention to retire as education liason after the 1994 Channel 4 Education Expo.

Mike Manes reviewed the 1-29-94 technical committee meeting.  Jack Crabtree displayed the working GPS board with Dave Clingerman's GPS Wheel antenna (GPS maybe ready for an April '94 flight?).  Mike introduced Larry McClure N0ULW who is interested in packet telemetry decode programming.

Greg Burnett confirmed the tracking & recovery meeting for Friday, Feb-18-94 at 7pm.

The membership thanked editor Ann Trudeau for another fine Stratosphere newsletter.  Ann announced the deadline for articles for the next Stratosphere is March 11, 1994.

New Business

George Riedmuller polled the membership for interest in flat tracking & recovery maps.  Due to a positive response, he will order 12 more.

Rick von Glahn said the ground station was mostly waiting at Brian Thomas's.  Merle said the balloon was ready.  It was estimated the last EOSS-14 balloon finally burst at 147,000 feet.

Jack Crabtree said Forest Mimms III (of Radio Shack circuit designer book fame) was interested in EOSS.  Forest wanted participation in ozone shock wave measurement during the May 10 annular solar eclipse.

Merle said Jim Murray (NASA-California) contacted EOSS about a return glider package.

Jack Crabtree announced that Ralph Wallio W0RPK said the next balloon symposium will be on the July 30 weekend in Des Moines, Iowa.  (The Jupiter-asteroid collision is expected July 18-21, 1994.)

The meeting enjoyed Merle's EOSS-13 (symposium) "Meeting Video Tape".

Ted Cline sold 1 EOSS-14 video tape at $6.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:41 PM.

End of minutes.


These are membership-accepted minutes.  Send comments to Ted Cline, N0RQV (call 303-493-1136 or send internet email to ).


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