Balloon Group Minutes 01/11/94

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Minutes of the EOSS Membership Meeting, January 11, 1994

Location: Digital Equipment Corporation, 8085 S. Chester, Englewood, CO.

Minutes: Ted Cline.

Jim Libhart convened the meeting at 7:30 PM.  Board members present were Vice President Jim Libhart, Treasurer Merle McCaslin, and Secretary Ted Cline.

Ted Cline read the December membership meeting's minutes.  The minutes were accepted.

Merle McCaslin presented the treasurer's report.  The treasurer's report was accepted.

Jim Libhart had Symposium photo sets for sale.

Ann Trudeau said the Stratosphere newsletter would be out soon.

Jim Libhart lead discussion of meeting locations: 

  • Chip Bisbee presented his research of the Castlewood Library: Unita + Arapahoe, no charge, must be out by 9pm, has VCR + screen, Chip has booked 2nd Tuesday of March, April, and May, and will reserve for a year.  
  • Greg Burnett spoke of HP available until maybe April (will be remodeled).  Membership decided on HP for February meeting.

Committee Reports


Tom Isenberg spoke of plans for the March 11-13, 1994 Channel 4 Education Expo with launch on the prior weekend.  He described the need to guarantee the $100 registration fee.  The membership voted to commit $100 for the school to apply for 1 table booth.


Paul Ternlund reported the Geiger counter works.  Will filter for 30 second sampling with live output to ATV audio.  Calibrate with state's calibrated source?  Packaged by next meeting?

Andy Kellett + Chip Bisbee described Ranum High School's ozone detector. Measurements on way up, and capture air samples on the way down.

Mike Manes announced the donation of an Octagon 1581 64180 processor, but Mike will have to buy the undonated $35 software manual.  Mike says we will build our own DTMF, AFSK, and battery backup circuits.  Larry Cerney described his progress with the moving vane anti-spin design.  Bob Schellorn presented his controller board, now ready for GPS integration.

New Business

Dan Meyer announced a foxhunt each 4th Saturday at 7pm on 146.64 MHz (in addition to the current 2nd Sunday foxhunts).

Jim Libhart reminded members that dues are now due on payment anniversary.

Jim Libhart and Larry Cerney lead officer nominations: Merle McCaslin for President, Mike Doherty for Vice President, Greg Dewit for Treasurer, and Ted Cline for Secretary.

Paul Ternlund reported Mission Trejeo was the restaurant selected for the EOSS Night Out celebration, and suggested Feb-19-94, 6:30pm.

Ted Cline sold 4 EOSS-14 video tapes at $6 each.

Paul Ternlund presented an Earthwinds balloon launch update and a summary of the Utah balloon flight.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM.

End of minutes.


These are membership-accepted minutes.  Send comments to Ted Cline, N0RQV (call 303-493-1136 or send internet email to ).


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